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Lovac - Headset Soldier

Lovac is the "Headphone soldier". His model is used for the sniper soldiers archetype in singleplayer campaign (Known as Lovacs) .They carry either the Desert-5 or the Dragon Sniper


".Snipers specialize in high-powered weapons and will use either the Desert 5 or the Dragon Sniper. The Laser sights that pop up on the battlefield are a warning that they're aiming for a head shot. Although they're specialists in long-range kills they're also susceptible on them as well. Turn the tables on them and pick them off form afar."
— Official description of the sniper soldiers archetype

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


Lovac "Headphone soldier" is a sniper soldier who wears a navy ski mask and headphones. His weapon of choice is the Dragon Sniper, but he can also be seen using a Desert-5.


Lovac is also available as a multiplayer skin, and from the start, for free.

Uncharted 3: Drake Deception


Sark is available in Uncharted 3 multiplayer, as part of the Classic Skin DLC that was released. In Uncharted 3 multiplayer, compared to the other soldiers who had their models changed in noticeable ways, Sark's character model is largely unchanged besides the colors. His outfit is now a mixture of gray and black, as opposed to the green color theme from Uncharted 2, the two rockets on his backpack now have a bronze tint to suit the RPG-7 model of Uncharted 3. Losing his iconic voice from Uncharted 2, the player now has to choose between the five default custom voices.

Appears in

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception


  • Lovac is available as a multiplayer skin.
  • Lovac is available as a single player skin once you have purchased Sark.
  • The name Lovac, commonly means 'Hunter'
  • In many ways, Lovac is very similar to Drake's Fortune's Javier; he uses the Desert-5 and Dragon Sniper with laser sights and wears headphones.
  • Lovac was killed by Lazaravic while demonstrating to Drake his "no compassion, no mercy" philosophy.
  • In some later chapters Lovac's suit is replaced by Vodnik's suit.
  • There is a special version of Lovac in the Uncharted 2 single player campaign. In chapter "siege" in the place where after the GAU-19 is discovered. Down there, Lovac is wielding a Riot Shield and carrying a Desert-5. However he is very easy to defeat.
  • When Drake took Lovac hostage in Chapter 24 - The Road to Shambhala, Lovac had an M4.
  • Oddly enough, Lovac will frequently drop his sidearm (the Desert-5) upon being killed, even though he primarily wields the Dragon Sniper.
  • Strangely enough, Lovac's vest holds shotgun shell bandoliers while he uses the Desert-5 and the Dragon Sniper which are used for long-range combat.


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