Marlowe among Talbot and other agents

"Oh no, no, no, seriously, who are these people?"
— Charlie Cutter after discovering the library

The Hermetic Order of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception to which Marlowe belongs was supposedly begun in the 16th Century by Elizabeth I from a number of secret societies, in order to control Britain's enemies through "Espionage, deception and fear" and find Ubar.


Cutter's notes

Cutter's note about the order.

Charlie Cutter inflitrated the London branch of the Order as a hired goon but was unable to ascertain much information on their overall plan. He did however manage to uncover a little of their history. Cutter theorises that Queen Elizabeth forged the Order from a number of secretive groups and orders: the School of Night, the Hellfire Club, the British Occult Secret Service and the Order of the Golden Dawn. It is unclear as to whether she established the Order purely to find Ubar or whether she founded it to search for all occult and historical items of significance. However, Cutter found that she used her extensive spy network, led by Sir Francis Walsingham, and utilised the accumulated occult knowledge of the Order to search for clues to the location of Iram of the Pillars. Once the Order had picked up the trail and followed it to Yemen, she dispatched orders to Francis Drake to visit the region during his circumnavigation of the globe.

Charlie realised that although Drake was a member of the Order he disagreed with how such power would be used and abandoned his search, leaving a warning written on the walls of the hidden temple in Yemen, to warn away all others who might follow.


Past Members

Evidence gathered in Charlie Cutter's journal makes a list of several key historical figures who were, at one time, members of the Order:

Contemporary Members

The modern Order was known to contain hundreds but besides the general agents Marlowe employs, only a few are named:

  • Katherine Marlowe - Apparent leader and founder of the Order
  • Talbot - Marlowe's main associate and concocter of hallucinogenic drugs and second-in-command of the Order
  • Harris - Talbot's right-hand-man and third-in-command of the Order

Contemporary members of the Order all observe the same dress code: black suits with white shirts and red neckties adding a sense of uniformity to the society.


Since the Order was Hermetic in nature and was compiled from several orders that conducted pagan rituals, it is possible that the Order also dabbled in such practices. The Hellfire Club in particular was party to many rumours of black magic and pagan worship and at least some of what may be constructed as "magic" may have found a base in the modern Order in projects such as Talbot's hallucinogenic drugs, John Dee's occult beliefs and their idolising of Occult artifacts. However, this is all speculation.

The Order can be seen as the Uncharted series' interpretation of the Illuminati.

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