Meenu is an Indian shopkeeper and minor ally to Chloe Frazer in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. She is voiced by Tierra Rorls.


Meenu is a shopkeeper and is first seen, selling Chloe a scarf before they make small talk, with Meenu revealing her father is fighting a war, leaving her to run the shop and offers her a tour. She later pickpockets Chloe, taking her statue of Ganesh before returning it and showing her the way out of the city. As thanks, Chloe promises Meenu to some pizza before finding some complications to get in a nearby truck. Meenu soon distracted a soldier so Chloe could get in. She is later seen in the mid-credit scene, enjoying pizza with Chloe, Nadine Ross and Samuel Drake as the latter tries to persuade the girls in selling the Tusk of Ganesh to a private collector before Meenu reprimands him for ruining the moment before offering him a slice of pizza.

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