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  • I live in England
  • I was born on September 9
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
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  • Hello im sorry if this is a little off topic but i didnt knew anyone else to ask this.

    What is the name of the music that plays in Uncharted drakes fortune at the beginning of chatper 6- Unlocking the past, when drake finds a tower, looks at the map and pirates start shooting at him?


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  • Hi Samuel,

    My name is Nico and I work at Wikia as a Community Development guy for video game communities like yours.

    Sony recently reached out to us about running a video on a few wikis and also doing a giveaway.

    We're not sure what the video content will be yet, but we're assuming it will involve some Uncharted footage and other new games that are coming out this year on the PlayStation platform.

    The giveaway would include PS+ subscriptions and a copy of one of their latest game.

    For an example of how it would look, head over to the Nintendo Wiki.

    There would be a promo on the mainpage and small pencil unit on article pages. The plan would be to start and end this from December 1st - 15th.

    I'll post this same message on another active Bcrat's wall as well.

    Let me know what you think or if you have any questions/concerns,


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  • Hey Samuel! I have a question for you that involves another wiki, but do you know what country Klock101 currently lives in? Considering you two have known each other for quite a considerable time, I thought you'd be the first person to know. Thanks!

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  • Hi! Please, add Russian interwiki to main page of wiki. Thanks!

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  • Hey Sam. Sorry for being absent during E3 week (no internet) but what do you want to do about Elena and Sully's pages; because we have new images of each! I know we should wait for renders but god knows how log we'll have to wait for those; furthermore, I'm annoyed that we haven't seen the closed door demo! I'd love to see Nate sliding along in the dirt! :D Still, liking the co-op melee bits where Sully just rushes in to take out that dude when Nate's trapped. Your thoughts?

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    • That's great to hear Ilan! I'll be in the wiki chat for the next half hour or so. 

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    • Also, Elena, I've taken my own bureaucrat rights away so I'll need you to make Ilan one. Thanks!

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  • Hey, just wondering if we should add Uncharted: Fight For Fortune to the wiki. Although not a Naughty Dog game itself, it's a card-based game for the Vita using cards earned in Golden Abyss. I have quite a bit to say about it (as I mentioned on the new admin discussion thread). I didn't want to start it up in case you (or another admin) decides not to, so I thought I'd ask and wait for feedback.

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  • Do you wan to join Memory Delta wiki, my wiki. Its a Star Trek fanon wiki. Here is the link:

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  • Quick stuff: you have a message from NinjaFatGuy but just wanted you to know I handled his requests. Just before you do work for no reason. :)

    I locked down Drake's 'brother' page because of requests and also it was being chnaged 50 times a day. Also, the logo is altered slightly. Just thought you should know.

    But what about that gameplay, right? I love the melee! That back and forth countering is what I've always wanted. I love how Drake just flips the guy to end the fight. can't wait to see more of that. Also, the climbing animations look so much better (not that they were bad before). Just hope we see some in game footage of Elena and Sully soon.

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    • Thanks for that! 

      I liked the video - looks great and I can't wait to play. One thing though, Naughty Dog did kinda pick a bit of a dull scene to show off the game. Yes, it was full of action and combat, but there wasn't too much new from the past game. However, perhaps this is a good thing - I remember with UC3 they ended up showing all the best bits (plane, ship, chateau) beforehand, leaving nothing new. 

      Overall, I am looking forward to see more. Especially, as you say, some Elena and Sully footage. 

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    • Yeah, I agree. But I think they wanted to A.) not do a U3 and spoil it all B.) show off the more dynamic fights. I loved that bit where the grenade was there so he kinda dove off the cliff and grappled. Looked very nice. But we'll see. This is ND; I'm sure they have more up their sleeve. 

      Hey, did you see the small reference in Drake's journal when he pulls it out near that skeleton; on the right hand side he had a little note to remember to call Elena. Love little details like that. 

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  • Please, Samuel, lock the page Unnamed character (Uncharted 4) to administrators only. So many people are mistaking the character to be named Sam when Drake said "Same" in the gameplay. Just please lock it, no other admin is responding to anything.

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  • Hey Sam, how are you?

    Just wanted to inform you, if you've been wondering as to why I wasn't very active recently; I broke my laptop about two weeks ago ("accident.") I'll be back to editing sometime within the next 8 days, as I'm not sue when exactly I'll buy a new one.

    On another note, I also plan on buying a PS4 in one-two months. :P

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    • Hey Ilan! Im doing pretty good, you?

      That's fine, luckily it happened during a time when the wiki is basically dead! With back to school and so on I have extremely little time to edit as well, but I'll try to make time the next time we get a big U4 update. Hopefully that isn't too long!

      I've been umming and erring about the PS4 for a while. I am thinking I'll either get it late October for AC Unity or just wait until a release like U4 next year. At the moment I just dont see enough games on it :/

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