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The Museo Marítimo.

The Museo Marítimo is a museum located in Cartagena, Colombia. It only appears in Chapter 2 - Greatness from Small Beginnings and Chapter 3 - Second Story Work of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.


Chapter 2Edit

Nate making his way into the Museum

Nate making his way into the Museum.

Nathan Drake makes his way into the museum to find Francis Drake's ring and steal it. Nate went upstairs of the museum and spotted the ring. He trys to open it but the case has a key hole on it. After he spotted the ring, he also saw Sully using a key to open the case. Nate trys to go to Sully until a museum guard grabbed him and threw him out of the museum.

Chapter 3Edit

After Nate steals the key to Francis Drake's ring from Sully, he finds a way into the museum to get to the case and steal the ring. After Nate finds a way into the museum, he reaches to the case and opens it with the key. He took the ring and cipher disk and used them together. After Nate puts the ring on the decoder, Katherine Marlowe, Victor Sullivan, and Katherine Marlowe's agents arrive in the museum spotting Nate with the ring and decoder. Nate tried to run away but the other door was blocked with two other agents. Nate was surrounded.

Sully, Marlowe, and Agents arrive in the Museum

Sully, Marlowe, and Agents make their way into the Museum.

Sully told Nate to give up and let Marlowe have the ring and decoder.
Young Nate Sneaking into the Museum

Nate finding a way into the Museum.

Marlowe took the decoder from Nate's hand and then she told Nate to then give her the ring. Nate wouldn't listen, so Marlowe snatched his hand. When Nate opened his hand, the ring was gone. Nate had then said to Marlowe, "What ring?" Marlowe then laughed and had then slapped Nate. She was insulting Nate and telling him that he shouldn't touch these objects. Nate wouldn't still give Marlowe the ring. Marlowe attempted to slap Nate again until Sully grabbed her hand and told her that Nate is just a kid. Nate quickly runs away. Marlowe had then said to her agents to stop him. Nate had then tried to find a way out of the museum to escape with the ring quickly.

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