Poisoned Powder is a Mystery in Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and completing it will award a bronze trophy of the same name. The Mystery is comprised of 10 components, spread throughout the game.

Poisoned Power
Poisoned Powder


Complete the Mystery


Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy

Descriptive Text

Not content with mere kidnapping and revolution, Guerro's army appears to be engaged in other illegal activities as well.

This Mystery focuses on Roberto Guerro's drug-running activities, as one of the ways he intends to raise enough money to finance another revolution.

Components of the Mystery

Measure Once, Cut Twice

From ounces to kilograms, this scale has weighed countless packages, each one bundled and sealed with care for clandestine deliveries abroad.

Measure Once, Cut Twice is a Treasure found in Chapter 4: "Why's the Building on Fire?".

Cooking Poison

No 'kitchen' is complete without a veritable pressure cooker. Extremely useful in extracting key ingredients from difficult mediums.

Cooking Poison is a Photo taken in Chapter 5: "I'm Not Leaving Without It".

How to Replace Bananas

An outdated agricultural publication covering various topics such as hydroponics, irrigation, fertilisation and soil composition.

How to Replace Bananas is a Treasure found in Chapter 5: "I'm Not Leaving Without It".

Storing Chemicals

Any proficient industry requires storage and containers. These vessles provide portability and transport of various liquids, both hazardous and benign.

Storing Chemicals is a photo taken in Chapter 6: "I'll Break Your Fingers".

Pour Carefully

Pouring various fluids that are both volatile and flammable requires this tool. Hydrochloric acid is not something you would want to spill on yourself.

Pour Carefully is a Treasure found in Chapter 6: "I'll Break Your Fingers".

How to Blow up a Country

Vast quantities of this liquid need to be stored somewhere. Mixed with ammonia and agitated, it causes the produce to be extracted from leaves.

How to Blow up a Country is a photo found in Chapter 7: "He Cut a Deal".

Chemists are your Friends

A staple of every lab, these beakers have mixed a vast array of chemicals from the ordinary householf variety to the more exotic and volatile kind.

Chemists are your Friends are a Treasure found in Chapter 8: "Learning the Hard Way".

Breathe Deep

A discarded gas mask that prevented inhalation of ammonia and sulphuric acid fumes, a by-product of the cooking process.

Breathe Deep is a Treasure found in Chapter 8: "Learning the Hard Way".

Guerro's Account Books

Guerro's worn and tattered ledger chronicling his nefarious activities over the years.

Guerro's Account Books are a Treasure found in Chapter 9: "He Gave Them Everything"

Don't Bathe Here

A grimy tub, stained by many years of chemical waste collection. The remaining black residue should be treated as hazardous material.

Don't Bathe Here is a Photo taken in Chapter 10: "That Makes Three of Us".



The Mystery as it appears in Nate's journal.

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