The Revolution is a trophy in Uncharted: Golden Abyss, earned for completing the Mystery 'The Revolution'. The Mystery is comprised of 11 items, spread throughout the game.

The Revolution
The Revolution


Complete the Mystery


Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy

Descriptive Text

Since being ousted from power a decade ago, Roberto "el Generale" Guerro has dreamed only of obtaining enough money to finance a war that could return him to power.

Guerro has attempted at least one revolution since the coup that overthrew his regime, and that revolution was a dismal failure. Guerro escaped execution (again) and with his remaining loyalists is based in a shanty town in the jungles of Panama, struggling to raise enough cash to fund another revolution. This Mystery focuses on the scattered remnants of the first revolution.

Components of the Mystery

Guerro's Persuasion Room

God only knows how many victims of Guerro's revolution ended up here. I guess he's never heard of the Geneva Convention.

Guerrio's Persuasion Room is a photo taken during Chapter 4: "Why's the Building On Fire?".

Lost Soldier's Final Rest

Peace finally arrived for this soldier. Many of his brothers will not be so lucky.

Lost Soldier's Final Rest is a charcoal rubbing taken during Chapter 5: "I'm Not Leaving Without It".

Carry a Big Stick

Cannons were responsible for 75% of the casualties in World War One. Because they remain visible, Guerro likes to keep a few around.

Carry a Big Stick is a photo taken during Chapter 6: "I'll Break Your Fingers".

Map of Guerro's Territories

A map with highlighted areas depicting regions under Guerro's control.

The Map of Guerro's Territories is a photo taken during Chapter 7: "He Cut a Deal".

Revolutionary Graffiti

Guerro's revolutionary graffiti can be found everywhere, a testament to impressionable minds and the winds of change.

Revolutionary Graffiti is a photo taken during Chapter 7: "He Cut a Deal".

Guerro Wanted Poster

The general has a price on his head, and it's highly unlikely he'll be captured alive.

The Guerro Wanted Poster is found during Chapter 7: "He Cut a Deal", and must be assembled before it is added to Nate's journal.

Recruitment Poster

This poster displays a stoic General Guerro who appears to be pledging unity under his leadership.

The Recruitment Poster is a photo taken during Chapter 8: "Learning the Hard Way".

Radio Free Panama

RFP is a broadcaster funded by the United States of America that provides news, analysis and information tot the citizens of Central America.

Radio Free Panama is a photo taken during Chapter 9: "He Gave Them Everything".

Transporting Explosives

Explosives can play a vital role in revolution. This truck facilitates their transportation and delivery.

Transporting Explosives is a photo taken during Chapter 9: "He Gave Them Everything".

A Forgotten Revolution

An old relic from a previous conflict. History has a way of repeating itself.

A Forgotten Revolution is a photo taken during Chapter 10: "That Makes Three of Us".

The Sigil of Power

An upturned fist symbolises a rise against the national establishment. The five blue leaves represent royalty and military power.

The Sigil of Power is a Treasure found in Chapter 11: "Finders Keepers?".



The Mystery as it appears in Nate's journal.

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