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Oasis is a downloadable multiplayer map that appears in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. This map is one of the four maps available in the Drake's Deception map pack[1] and was released on April 10th.[2] The map is based on the Bedouin village, a small camp Nate is escorted to at the end of Chapter 19 - The Settlement in the single player campaign.

Map Description

The map is set at midday, and a dynamic event featuring a cargo plane flying overhead will swoop down and drop shipping crates. This will take place several times during the match.


  • The cargo plane will drop a large shipping crate that will flatten anyone in its way. However, the big green crate that falls onto the ground holds a random power weapon.
  • More than one crate can be dropped.



Oasis panorama

Oasis panorama



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