Old Quarter is a downloadable multiplayer map that appears in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. This map was released in the Drake's Deception map pack on April 10th. The map is based on the Old Quarter, a section of the city Nate, Elena, and Sully visited in Chapter 10 - Historical Research of the single player campaign.

Map Description

The map is set at night, and an attack helicopter will appear in it during the match shooting down on players.[1] There are two ziplines which allow the players to traverse the courtyard.

Weapon Locations

  • T-Bolt Sniper - Under the bridge near the pool of water you can find a T-Bolt sniper.
  • Mag 5 - Cross the bridge above the water there is a Mag 5 in the middle of the pathway.
  • SAS-12 - Located on a set of stairs leading up to the zipline rooms.

Chest Locations

  • There are two chests with one at each drop down point of each zipline


  • This map is also able to be played on Co-Op Shade Survival.
  • This map is added to the Coop Arena  in Patch 1.18.
  • While swimming in the pool of water you cannot activate your medal kickback.