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General information

Weapon class:

Heavy Weapon

Weapon type:

Machine Gun

Magazine capacity:

50(SP) 180 (MP)

Maximum ammo:


Appears in:

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

First found:

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

Commonly found on:



The PAK-80 is a machine gun that appears in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

It is the gun that Brute wields in Chapter 4 - Syria in Co-op Adventure and it can be found many times throughout the Campaign and Multiplayer modes.


Whilst using the PAK-80, players will be forced to walk much slower, similar to the GAU-19. Players are allowed to climb small obstacles but climbing bigger ones (where one or both hands are required) or performing a melee attack will cause the player to drop the PAK-80 and must pick it back up. The same will happen if the player is downed or choked. It is still possible to roll and vault whilst using the weapon and one may take cover without dropping the gun. If the player switches to their sidearm, they will drop the PAK.


The PAK-80 can be obtained three times throughout the campaign. The first is from a heavily armored brute in Chapter 14 - Cruisin' for a Bruisin' (The gun can be picked up but it must be discarded to continue). It is then again found in Chapter 19 - The Settlement hidden under the jeep on the house. The last PAK-80 can be found wielded by a brute without armor during the sandstorm in Chapter 20 - The Caravan. The gun like it does for all modes does remarkable damage but runs out of ammo fast and slows the player down.


The gun does high damage and a generous magazine capacity, making it a priceless support weapon great for defending an area. It also suffers from recoil. If you use the gun in multiplayer, the player makes themselves more of a target, as enemies will try to take the gun from you. Strangely the weapon holds 180 bullets as one mag and total amount of ammo while in the campaign holds 50 bullets in the mag.

Multiplayer Locations

  • Chateau - At the top of an outdoor flight of stairs loacted in the courtyard to the left of the hero spawn and connected to the main chateau.
  • Desert Village - On top of a large yet low building to the North East of the hero spawn.
  • Facility - Sitting against a wall in the large side room.
  • London Streets - in the center of the map, next to the tree.


The PAK-80 appears in Chapter 4 - Syria of Co-op Adventure and is used by a brute halfway through the level. It also appears in Chapter 3- monastery on the right near the wall and is dropped off by a brute both before and after leaving the inside of the building where Nate was found. There is also another PAK-80 leaning against the wall behind the carpet bomb kickback boss' spawn point. In Chapter 5 - Airport, a PAK-80 can be found during the battle with the kickback boss near the runway.


  • In co-op, the PAK-80 easily defeats armored enemies, including the Brute.
  • In competitive modes, the PAK-80 performs best from cover at medium ranges, and is probably the most superior weapon available for a firefight.
  • With Fleet Foot and Beast Mode, you will be able to escape situations of near death.


  • The gun resembles the PKM general purpose machine gun.
  • In real life, the PKM (inspiration for PAK-80) uses 7.62x54mmR rounds, the same as the SVD (inspiration for Dragon Sniper)
  • In the first Multiplayer Beta, it used the firing sound of the GAU-19 Mini-Gun and the mounted guns. In the final game however, it has its own firing sound.
  • The reload animation for the PAK-80 is incorrect. In game, the character simply removes the old magazine, inserts a new one and pulls the bolt back - just the same as any long gun. In reality you would need to replace the magazine and then open the feed cover to mount the belt.
  • The Pak-80 ignores body armour except for Brutes making it a good choice of weapon to mow down armoured foes, especially brutes in Multiplayer Co-op arena. On basic enemies it's a 2 or 3 shot kill.
  • If you have a T-bolt sniper or riot shield kickback and you are holding a PAK-80, you can use it afterwards when the shield is destroyed or the T-bolt ammo runs out.
  • During the beta co-op mission Syria, it was possible to put the PAK-80 on your back and go through cutscenes. Also movement rate was not decreased and climbing with the weapon was possible.


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