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River is a multiplayer map in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. It is one of eight maps available on release.


"Take the fight to the Rivers found near Libertalia! Fight throughout the jungle and old buildings that surround a giant lake. The giant lake has many secrets, including slides that lead to a spire with a sniper's perch at the end of the map. A series of rope swings throughout the map also allow for fun and frantic traversal as you shoot down enemies with your team. Just make sure you land on your feet though-- one wrong jump can send you falling to your death!"
— PlayStation's official description.[1]

Map layout

River is a medium sized, symmetrical map. It contains underwater swim routes, large mudslides, and waterfall rope flanks.

Spawn points


Rope swings


  • Use the Rope Swings on the edge of the map to sneak around enemy squads and flank them.
  • Jump into the water in the middle of the map when outnumbered, then take the slide down to escape enemies.
  • Use Wrath of El Dorado on the first floor of the buildings to get a surprise attack on enemies hiding in the floor above.


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