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Rooftops is a multiplayer map in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. It is based on the Rossi Estate where Nathan Drake must traverse the darkened rooftops after he, Victor Sullivan, and Samuel Drake successfully infiltrate a black market auction and steal the intact St. Dismas cross.


"Experience the opulence of the Italian countryside in the dead of night, fighting in decorated galleries and manicured gardens. This level features strong fronts which encourage grouped team fighting in a variety of close-quarter and split-level environments. Cut across the treacherous bridges, avoiding enemy fire, or take sweeping grapple rope paths to regroup quickly with your allies. Twin sniper's outposts overlook the bridges and out towards the gardens and terrace, allowing players to lend their teams long-distance support."
— PlayStation's official description[1]

Map layout

Spawn points


Rope swings


  • Avoid fighting near the Sundial. Due to the lack of cover and long sightlines, this area should only be used for quick traversal.
  • Due to the circular direction of movement on this map, and the high mobility traversal paths, flanking is a key element of gameplay here.
  • Enclosed spaces such as the gallery room, as well as the many hallways and underpasses, provide many good areas for tactical mysticals like the Wrath of El Dorado or Indra's Eternity.



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