Various types of Shorline soldiers
Type Private military
Status Disbanded
Origin Unknown (presumably South African)
Key people Nadine Ross (Leader, formerly)
Nadine Ross's Father (Leader, formerly) †

Rafe Adler (partner, formerly) †

Affiliates Rafe Adler
Series information
Appearances Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Shoreline was a private military company that appeared in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.


Before Uncharted

Shoreline was originally founded by Nadine Ross's father, and she became their leader after his death. An "army for hire" of sorts, they take on various security and military contracts around the world. Victor Sullivan has fought Shoreline in the past, though Nadine apparently doesn't hold a grudge.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (2016)

Rafe Adler hires Shoreline to help him find Libertalia and Henry Avery's missing treasure. Nathan Drake is also looking for the treasure with his brother and so they encounter Shoreline mercenaries multiple times during their search, from Scotland to Madagascar.

Eventually, Nate, Sam and Rafe learn of Libertalia's location; on an island off the coast of Madagascar. Rafe travels there with Nadine and the rest of Shoreline shortly after Nate and Sam.

Both parties eventually discover the remains of Avery's ship, but due to a number of traps and the fact that most of her men have already been killed by Nate and Sam, Nadine refuses to help Rafe loot the ship, instead wanting to leave the island. She's ultimately forced to help when Rafe reveals he's already bought the mercenaries ahead of time and they threaten her. They proceed to board the ship and indeed set off more traps, killing the remaining Shoreline soldiers. Nadine chooses to abandon Rafe and flee the island alone.

Despite having dozens of treasure chest stolen from Avery's ship at her disposal, it is seemed that Nadine refuses to rebuild Shoreline since she cannot trust mercenary anymore.


Grunts/Standard Soldiers

  • "Grunts" usually wear white t-shirts and brown pants, and can only carry sidearms. They are the weakest of all archetypes.

Elite Soldiers

  • Elite soldiers usually wear a grey flak vest and an red cap. They are more quipped than standard solider as they carry various rifles as well as sidearms. They are the most common archetype you face in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.

Helmeted Elites

  • Helmeted elites are the same as standard elite soldiers, but they are equipped with a armoured helmet. This means that they cannot be instantly down by a headshot.


  • Snipers usually wear a green/brown camouflage and an sun cap. They only carry sniper rifles (E.G: Mazur LDR/M14 Custom). Snipers are easily identified by their glowing red laser sight.


  • Shotgunners are soldiers that charge towards you with a shotgun (Either a Spezzotti and/or an Condor). They are easy to identified by their all grey outfit and red balaclava.


  • Grenadiers usually wear a all grey outfit (like the shotgunners) and a bandolier. They only use the China Lake.


  • Rocketeers usually wear a grey/tan outfit and an flak vest. Rocketeers are the only archetype that carried an RPG (which can kill you in one shot). They are easily identified by their metallic facemask.


  • Heavies are soldiers which are heavily armoured . They can the same loadout as a sniper grenadiers shotgunner archetype. They also can use the ARX-160. They cannot be stealth kill until you knock their helmet off.


  • Brutes are the most dangerous/powerful archetype you will face in Uncharted 4. They are easily identifiable by their all grey metallic armour and their height ( they're the tallest enemies). Brutes carried a DShK. They cannot be melee at all even if you knock they helmet off. However two vertical takedowns can kill a brute.


The two top lieutenants of Shoreline appear in the beta, and in the release for the Uncharted 4 multiplayer.


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