Side Arm Master
64px-Uncharted 3 trophy Side Arm Master


Dfeat 30 enemies in a row with your sidearm.


Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy

Side Arm Master is a trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception that requires the player to kill 30 enemies in a row using only the sidearm or pistol. It can be easily achieved in virtually any fight.


One good place to try for this trophy is in Chapter 19 - The Settlement, right after Drake bursts through a door and into the open in front of a large group of guards. If one sets the difficulty on Easy, then it becomes extremely easy for the player to pick off the enemies one by one. Additionally, Para 9 ammo is plentiful here, making this a wonderfully simple trophy to get. A video on how to get this trophy can be found here.

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