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This article is about the animal, for the medal kickback, see Creepy Crawler.
Spider concept

Official spider concept art

Spiders are animals that appear in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.


The spiders were used by the architects of Iram as very primitive booby traps, placed both within Iram itself and the temple at Yemen. Explorers who had searched for Iram in the past had brought back specimens of the spiders with them, introducing them to places such as the Syrian castle, or the French chateau. The spiders bred and multiplied during the intervening centuries between their discovery and the events of Uncharted 3. [1]

Appearances in Uncharted 3

Chapter 5 - London Underground

In the secret library there can be seen a vase with a preserved dead spider in. It seems to be bigger than the ones found in the Chateau and Yemen.

Chapter 6 - The Chateau

When Nathan Drake crosses through a secret passage behind Godfrey's chateau fireplace, he crashes through a rotten floor and lands in a cavern beneath the abode. The first glimpse of the spiders can be seen as Drake composes himself from the fall, where they can be seen climbing a wall in the distance. In the caverns Drake hears mysterious sounds, pondering about them aloud, and encounters a number of spiderwebs. Later on, Drake and Victor Sullivan stumble upon one of Talbot's men who was killed by the spiders. Furthermore, after obtaining a piece of an artifact from a coffin, one of Talbot's men, Harris, takes it away. Alerting the spiders, they crawl up him. Talbot's other agent grabs the amulet seconds before Harris dies and they runaway, as so does Drake and Sully using a lit torch to keep the spiders away.

Chapter 9 - The Middle Way

After finding the stone globe, Nathan and Cutter encounter the spiders while looking for a way to get the water flowing. The spiders appear throughout the stage of the level in which the player has to light several braziers, keeping the spiders away with their light.

Chapter 11 - As Above, So Below

After finding out the location of Iram in a tomb under Yemen, Drake along with Sully and Elena encounter the spiders again. Drake states that these spiders are not as scared by the torch light as the ones previously found in France and Syria. Near the end of the stage, the player has to use a Sawed Off Shotgun to defend themself while Elena and Sully get the door open.

The door is two feet above the floor, but is stuck, which means Elena has to crawl under to find a way to open it.

Chapter 21 - The Atlantis of the Sands

The spiders appear one last time in the penultimate chapter. After Drake drinks the water from a tainted fountain, he hallucinates that he is chasing Talbot through the city. The chase leads him back to the streets of Cartagena 20 years ago, where spiders erupt from the walls and the ground, chasing Young Drake across the rooftops of the city, similar to how he was chased by Marlowe's agents in real life. These spiders however were only part of Drake's imagination after drinking the corrupted waters of Ubar.

Role in Multiplayer

They lurk in the storm

A cluster of spiders in multiplayer.

In the multiplayer mode of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception there is a medal kickback named Creepy Crawler. It allows the player to transform into a swarm of these spiders and it costs 12 medals to be activated. Any opponents the player meets while they are transformed will get killed.


  • The spiders in Yemen are much more aggressive than the ones in France, and seem to be smaller.
  • According to the artwork in Drake's Fortune, The spiders were (possibly) meant to appear in the first game. A picture of Sully shooting spiders with a shotgun can be found.


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