"Survival is a wave-based mode where you and up to two additional friends can take on swarms of increasingly powerful enemies and unique objectives. From new enemy types and powerful new bosses to a dedicated progression system and expansive upgradable arsenal."
— PlayStation's Official description of Survival

Survival is a cooperative/single-player multiplayer mode that is featured in the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer.


Survival was first released on the 10th December 2016 through Patch 1.18.

Survival can be played solo or with two other players. Unlike multiplayer, players must cooperate with each other against the computer. Survival is a wave-based mode. To win you will have to survive 50 waves against enemies that get increasingly harder every wave. The 50 waves are split into 10 wave segments. At the start of every tenth wave, you will face a boss (also known as a Warlord), whom you have to kill to advance further or to complete the segment. Some waves will have a special objective mode (e.g. collecting treasures within a time limit) which you will also need to complete to advance further.

Survival will have its own in-game currency. using which you can buy weapons, mystical, and gears. The mode will also have its own progression system, challenges, and loadout from other game modes. As you level up, you’ll earn upgrades for your weapons, new items, and survival-exclusive boosters. Playing this mode will reward you with vanity items which can be equipped for both survival mode and multiplayer.

Survival will have a range of difficultly setting (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Crushing).[1] [2]


"Every 10 waves of Survival will culminate in an intense boss battle. From heavily armored Brutes to the undead Pirate Lords of Libertalia, these powerful Warlords will require skill and carefully measured tactics to overcome."
— Naughty Dog's official description of Warlords
Survival icon warlord

Warlord Icon

There are four Warlords (AKA: bosses) They appear at the end of every tenth round.

The Warlords are:


At Wave 49 and 50 (the last two waves) you face Adam Baldridge and Henry Avery again. However this time they're a lot stronger and deal much more damage.

Hardcore Mode

Hardcore mode was added after the initial release of the game. It was introduce on the 3rd February 2017 through Patch 1.20. [3]

In Hardcore mode you only have one life. If you (or you team mates) died at anytime throughout any of 50 waves you will have to start the whole survival mode again.




Uncharted 4 - Survival Mode Trailer - PS4

Uncharted 4 - Survival Mode Trailer - PS4

The first reveal trailer for survival mode

Uncharted 4 - Survival Trailer - PS4

Uncharted 4 - Survival Trailer - PS4

The release trailer for survival mode