Talbot's Drug is a powerful hypnotic and hallucinogenic substance used by Talbot in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception to influence others. While it was used on two occasions, it is never named in cutscene or in-game.


The drug is delivered using a small, silver injector dart. Both Cutter and later Nathan find themselves victims of the drug. Victims are shown to suffer hallucinations while also becoming extremely suggestible; Cutter hands over his gun and journal to Talbot at the latter's command, while Nathan, in a trance, apparently tells Katherine Marlowe that Sully knows the location of The Iram of the Pillars.


  • It doesn't matter what Nathan does during the hallucination sequence in Chapter 11; it is of fixed length. Even turning around halfway and running to the start does nothing.
  • The water and the drug work a little differently. in the way that in the drug it was more of a hypnosis type of drug in which Talbot asked you to do something and you did it, but the water was more of hallucination type of drug in which it made events appear to be happening, like when Sully "died".
  • It is possible that the Drug was the Order's attempt to 'replicate' the effects of the water. Given that the Order is known to dabble in various occult practices, it is likely that they have knowledge of alchemical compounds with which to manufacture the Drug.