The Sanctuary is a large multiplayer map featured in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and revamped into Sanctuary for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception



This map is based on Chapter 22 - The Monastery of the single player campaign. A similar style area based on the same location appears in the co-op objective mission with the same name.

The sanctuary has five main towers, plus two large buildings opposite each other - these are the starting spawn points. Four of the towers are at corners of the map, while the other one are is to one side of the main courtyard, connected to a sheltered hut on the otherside of the courtyard via a wooden roof. Beneath the main courtyard is a small cave, which is accessible via seven entrances.

Weapon Locations

  • M32-Hammer - Located on a ledge at the end of the longest tunnel and behind the middle tower.
  • Pistole - Located at the centre of the underground cave, on the ground.
  • Moss-12 - Inside the sheltered hut in the main courtyard, leaning on a column.
  • Dragon Sniper - Located near the middle of the wooden roof.
  • Riot Shield - Located on the floor above the M32- Hammer and behind the middle tower.


The Sanctuary Panorama

Panorama of The Sanctuary.

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