• What I thought was interesting, but wasn't noted in the trivia, was that in the citadel in Uncharted 3, Charlie Cutter used a PM-9mm, making it the only appearance of the gun in the whole game. This  gun stayed with Charlie until he was trapped on the roof, even though he was shown in an earlier cutscene to have picked up a Para 9 from one of Marlowe's men who was crushed by a wall that was pushed out.

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    • Cutter's gun isn't a PM-9mm, it's a unique weapon model that has no in-game name, can't be used at any point in the game and is used by nobody else. It's a Walther P5.


      PM-9mm (Makarov PM)


      Charlie's gun


      Walther P5

      It does fit in with the tendency for the games to have a character with a weapon the player can't use (Roman's Revolver, Lazarevic's shotgun).

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    • i like the idea of that i didn't notice but it's good that every character has his gun like in drake's fortune sully had a magnum 5 while nate only used magnum 4

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