• hi i have 2 questions, how do you get triumvirate dlc trophy guide in chapter 5 airport on crushing diffculty is it in custom game or public match co op adventure? and second question is how do you get silver star rank icon is it to complete all 5 co op adventure on crushing diffculty in order to get my last missing trophy for triumvirate? i am finding it very hard to get that last one and i can't do it on my own,i also got ao3 and cluster bomb.wazarock

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    • You can get the Triumvirate trophy by doing it in custom game or public match - it does not matter.

      You are right, you must complete all 5 default co-op adventure maps on crushing (again, public or custom) to get the silver star. 

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    • how do u  kill three end boss in chapter 5 airport in crushing each other in 20 sec?

      and do u weaken them or use cluster bombs or ao3 or do i have to keep waiting untill all 3 come together to kill them to get triumvirate medal?


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    • It's definitely a hard trophy to get - you are going to want to have two friends who know what they're doing, as a random in matchmaking could mess it up. Army of three definitely, preferably all three of you should have it and save it for this moment. Weaken the three bosses extensively, but be careful not to kill them. Then, when all three of you are ready, activate your army of three's and shoot. If they are all weakened enough they should all fall pretty fast.

      It's easier said than done and may take you a while to get it right.

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    • do i need to kill all 3 end bosses or do we all have to kill the end boss to get triumvirate once we use ao3?

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    • You don't have to kill all of them yourself, as long as the three of you take them out in 20 secs, it should be fine. 

      I think that's how it works. 

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