• Who is your favorite hero and who is your favorite villain? 

    Samuel Drake is my favorite hero and my favorite character overall. Based on what I've seen, I think this is a fairly unpopular opinion, but I'm not sure why. I think a lot of this is because a lot of people wanted him to remain as the villain of Uncharted 4, but personally I love him as a hero. He's just as likable as Nate, and I find it interesting and heartbreaking that his lost 15 years kept him living in the past. He somewhat resented Nate for having a family and new allies when it had just been him and Sam for so may years. He was also jealous of his younger brother, which is something not seen in a lot of media, and is usually the other way around. In reality, he was really no better than Rafe until the very end, where he accepted his punishment in Avery's ship in order for Nate to escape. Seeing a character that loves another so much but at the same time resents them is so fascinating for me, and almost immediately made me feel attached to Sam.

    As for villain, it's my second favorite character, Rafe. I feel like Rafe is the other half of the originally evil Sam, and I love it. He's a perfect foil to Sam, as the two are similar in many ways up until the very end. Easily the most developed villain in the series, Rafe was a satisfying villain on a level that no other villain in the series was, except perhaps Harry. He didn't want the money. He wanted the glory. Watching Rafe's slow mental decline throughout the course of the game was fascinating up until the point where Nadine's betrayal finally broke him. His common sense was clouded by his desire for glory and he refused to accept the hand he had been dealt. He was impenitent. Saint Gestas. The perfect counterpart to Sam, whom I viewed as a representation of Saint Dismas. 

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