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A tournament system appears in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception multiplayer. It involves spending "tournament tickets" (10 are given free each week) to try and achieve the highest point score possible in that game. Once a certain number of points are achieved (see below), the player will recieve the subsequent reward the following week. 


Platinum - 23,000 points

Gold - 18,500 points

Silver - 12,000 points

Bronze - 8500 points



  • Stunner Shades - Earn Platinum Tier twice
  • Head Wrap - Earn Platinum Tier 4 times
  • Helmet - Earn Platinum Tiers 6 times
  • Horns - Earn Platinum Tier 8 times
  • Various weekly rewards


  • Djinn skin - Earn Gold Tier 6 times
  • Various weekly rewards


  • Various weekly rewards


  • Various weekly rewards

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