Jade Carvings is a trophy in Uncharted: Golden Abyss, earned for completing the Jade Carvings Treasure Set.

Jade Carvings
Jade Carvings


Complete the Treasure Set


Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy

Descriptive Text

The only place from which the Olmec and Maya could obtain jade was the Montague River valley in Guatemala. The Ancients highly prized the precious stone and used it for many ritual objects.


There are 30 carvings in total, spread throughout Chapters 20-27 of the game.

Chapter 20: "Sticking Out Your Neck"

All the Treasures in this chapter can be found by tapping any glinting you see in the background during the Cutscene.

Emblem of Coyhontonal

The goddess Coyhontonal was one of several Trickster deities whose playful antics often stood in stark contrast to the dark and serious nature of the other gods.

Emblem of Huixontonal

Fesitvals were an important aspect of the Ancients' culture, and they typically involved alcohol and dancing. This glyph represents Huixontonal, the god of celebrations.

Emblem of Temocazutl

In times of sickness, though the Quivirans would pray to Temocazutl, the god of medicine, they would also turn to village healers who were well versed in using herbs and other remedies to treat illness.

Chapter 21: "Without a Paddle"

Emblem of Yomosakotet

Emblem of Ayhanitico

Emblem of Tochmoltli

Chapter 22: "Chew the Hide Off a Rhino"

Emblem of Omatictoya

Emblem of Teochicatol

Emblem of Mahuaquiotex

Chapter 23: "Keep Your Head Down"

Emblem of Naltanauhico

Emblem of Mahtlioztli

Emblem of Namotohuatli

Emblem of Chihopotex

Emblem of Cuozicaltli

Emblem of Echictlamoya

Chaper 24: "Ride of the Valkyries"

Emblem of Xolochimonal

Emblem of the Tricksters

Emblem of Machotonal

Emblem of Hechitocitzi

Emblem of Huacatani

Emblem of the Guardians

Chapter 25: "I Forgot to Mention"

Emblem of Song

Chapter 26: "Farther Than It Looks"

Emblem of Itzlihauntzin


Emblem of Itzicaltli

Emblem ot Tecatohuatli

Chapter 27: "The Gateway to Hell"

Emblem of Natucohuatl

Emblem of Imtaysoyunna

Emblem of Atlahuatl

Emblem of Amnalatua

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