Unlike other Uncharted games, treasures in Golden Abyss are grouped into treasure, mystery and bounty sets, and completing those sets is what earns trophies. Each set is described in its own individual article.

Treasure Sets

Treasures are all found amongst the environment as glinting objects.


Mystery items are found as a mixture of treasures (as described above), photographs, charcoal rubbings and documents that need to be assembled.


Bounties are collected by killing enemies, and are acquired automatically upon the moment of the enemy's death. They can also be acquired using the Black Market, which uses the PSVita's Near application to trade bounties with friends or nearby PSVita users.

  • Arcana Major Bounties are found in Chapters 2 and 3. There are 21.
  • Pieces of Silver Bounties are found in Chapters 5-11. There are 30.
  • Cadiz Bounties are found in Chapters 15-19. There are 30.
  • Spanish Gold Bounties are found in Chapters 21-27. There are 30.
  • Gemstone Bounties are found in Chapters 28-34. There are 30.