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This page is a list of memorable quotes from Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

Chapter 1 - Ambushed

Sir Francis Drake: "There must be a beginning of any great matter, but the continuing unto the end until it be thoroughly finished yields the true glory" - Sir Francis Drake, 1587

Elena Fisher: Are you sure you wanna be defiling your ancestor's remains like that?

Nathan Drake: You make it sound so dirty! (Chuckles) Besides, I thought you didn't believe me.

Elena Fisher: Well, I did do my research and apparently Francis Drake didn't have any children.

Nathan Drake: Well, the history can be wrong, you know. For example, you can't defile an empty coffin.

Elena Fisher: What is it? C'mon, hold it up -.

Nathan Drake: No, no, no - no way. The deal was for coffin. That's it.

Elena Fisher: Wait a minute, if my show hadn't funded this expedition you wouldn't have...

Nathan Drake: Hey, hey... You got your story, lady.

Elena Fisher: Okay, okay, what's going on?

Nathan Drake: Uh.. Pirates.

Elena Fisher: Pirates?!

Nathan Drake: Yeah, the modern kind. They don't take prisoners. least not male prisoners.

Elena Fisher: Wait, what are you talking about? Uh, sh- shouldn't we call the authorities or something?

Nathan Drake: That'd be a great idea, but we don't exactly have a permit to be here.

Elena Fisher: What?

Nathan Drake: Yeah, so unless you wanna end up in a Panamanian jail we should probably handle this ourselves.

Elena Fisher: Wh- What's worse?

Nathan Drake: You obviously haven't been in Panamanian jail.

Victor Sullivan: (laughs) I can't leave you alone for a minute can I?

Nathan Drake: Well, I had everything under control until they blew up the boat.

Victor Sullivan: Nate, let's just pretend that I don't really care about any of that and cut to the chase will ya?

Nathan Drake: Man only interested in the climax. Must be a real hit with the ladies.

Victor Sullivan: Never had any complaints.

Victor Sullivan: El goddamn Dorado.

Nathan Drake: Your a real gentleman, Sully

Victor Sullivan: Yeah, it stinks. She'll get over it.

Chapter 2 - The Search for El Dorado

Victor Sullivan: Man, this is like trying to find a bride in a brothel.

Victor Sullivan: That reporter? I saw the way you were eyein' her..

Nathan Drake: Elena? Please...I snuffed any chance with her the second we ditched her on that dock.

Victor Sullivan: All's fair in love and war, kid.

Nathan Drake: Yeah... and what if you can't tell the difference?

Victor Sullivan: Then, my friend, you are in a big trouble.

Chapter 3 - A Surprising Find

Victor Sullivan : Something about this feels kinda hinky.

Nathan Drake : Hinky? You act as if you've never seen a German U-boat in the middle of the jungle before.

Victor Sullivan : I'm being serious Nate.

Nathan Drake : (laughs) Tell you what, why don't you stay here, i'll check it out myself and i'll call you if I run into any Nazis.

Nathan Drake: Somethin nasty happened to these guys. There's blood everywhere... and soup.

Victor Sullivan: What?

Nathan Drake : I think the trail just got warm again.

Victor Sullivan : How so?

Nathan Drake : Well, I just met a guy with pockets full of Spanish gold, but the coins are stampted with a mint mark i've never seen before.

Victor Sullivan : Really?

Nathan Drake : Looks like our German friends had a secret.

Nathan Drake : I'm in the Captain's quarters and get this: He's still here.

Victor Sullivan : What's that supposed to mean?

Nathan Drake : Looks like he was killed, ripped to shreds actually. What a way to go.

Victor Sullivan : Sounds terrible, check his wallet.

Nathan Drake : You're all heart Sully.

Chapter 4 - Plane-wrecked

Nathan Drake: We gotta bail out!

Elena Fisher: Bail out!? Does this thing even have parachutes?

Nathan Drake: Now would be a good time to look!

Nathan Drake: Yeah. You just count to five and pull the cord. How hard could that be?

[looks out plane door]

Nathan Drake Oh crap.

[jumps off and pulls parachute cord]

Nathan Drake AHHHHHH! Onetwothreefourfive!

Nathan Drake: Oh, strangers trying to kill me. Left my map on a burning plane. Elena's missing, most likely dead. That's great. Great start Nate.

Nathan Drake: Here they come!

Nathan Drake: Ah, man. Doesn't look good. (Seeing the remains of their crashed plane)

Nathan Drake: Better watch where I'm going.

Pirate: Flush him out!

Pirate: He's trapped!

Pirate: It's over, bule!

Pirate: We've got him!

Pirate: Right between the eyes, bule!

Pirate: Shoot to kill!

Pirate: I'm going for him

Pirate: Lights out, Drake! (If Drake is killed)

Chapter 5 - The Fortress

Nathan Drake: Oh, you have got to be kidding me. (Seeing the walls of the fortress that he has to climb)

Nathan Drake: Oh, you can't be serious. Wasn't I just out here?

Nathan Drake: I've just about had it with these guys!

Nathan Drake: This place could use a good plumber.

Nathan Drake: Son of a bitch! Where'd they all come come from?

Chapter 6 - Unlocking the Past

Nathan Drake: This must've been Drake's. So what were you looking for, huh? Hmm, now that looks familiar. Huh, the ships never left. Elena, where did she come from-

Pirate: Hey, there she is! Watch this. (An explosion rocks the balcony Drake's on. He awakes in a cell inside the fortress)

Elena Fisher: I know I'm not a big time treasure hunter like you, but I doubt you're gonna find El Dorado in there. How'd you get yourself in this mess?

Nathan Drake: Trying to rescue you as a matter of fact.

Elena Fisher: Ah, that's so sweet. Traditional sandstone, stucco, limestone mortar, huh.

Nathan Drake: How'd you get to know so much about this?

Elena Fisher: My show. Episode Four. Architects of the New World. Yep, it'll just take a tug to pull these bars out.

Nathan Drake: Wait? No, are you sure?

Eddy Raja: Get out of my way bohodo!

Eddy Raja: Cepatan, open this goddamn door!

Nathan Drake: Oh crap.

Chapter 7 - Out of the Frying Pan

Elena Fisher: Oh my god, you're bleeding!

Nathan Drake: Yeah, it comes with the territory.

Eddy Raja: Going somewhere?

Eddy Raja: Did you really think you could escape from moi?

Nathan Drake: Oh, no, Just giving the lady the ten dollar tour.

Elena Fisher: Dammit! This guy's Crazy!! [After Eddy shoots the car with a shotgun]

Nathan Drake: Eddy, take it easy buddy!

Chapter 8 - The Drowned City

Chapter 9 - To the Tower

Chapter 10 - The Customs House

Elena Fisher: (seeing Drake's Ring) That someone special?

Nathan Drake: What? Oh, yeah. I guess you could say that.

Elena Fisher: Huh. I had you pegged as more of a "woman in every port" kinda guy.

Nathan Drake: (laughs) Don't I wish, no this was Francis Drake's ring. I kinda, y'know inherited it.

Elena Fisher: "Sic Parvis Magna"?

Nathan Drake: "Greatness from small beginnings" it was his motto. Check out the date.

Elena Fisher: "29th of January 1596"

Nathan Drake: One day after he supposedly died.

Elena Fisher: Wait, what are these numbers right here?

Nathan Drake: Coordinates. Right off the coast of Panama.

Elena Fisher: Ah, so that's how you found the coffin.

Nathan Drake: Yeah, that's right. You see Drake left this behind as a clue to pinpoint the exact burial sight.

Elena Fisher: For someone clever enough to figure it out.

Nathan Drake: Yeah, nice try. But we're still going for that boat.

Chapter 11 - Trapped

Chapter 12 - Heading Upriver

Chapter 13 - Sanctuary?

Mercenary: They've got the old man working on the east side of the complex.

Mercenary: I don't even know why they brought him along! That sonofabitch can't be trusted.

Chapter 14 - Going Underground

Elena Fisher: Nate, please be careful...

Nathan Drake: [chuckles] C'mon, I always am.

[hits head on low ceiling]

Nathan Drake OWWW! I did NOT see that!

Gabriel Roman: This is completely unacceptable.

Eddy Raja: Well, what do you expect from me Roman? My men are getting massacred!

Gabriel Roman: I find it hard to believe that one man could wipe out your entire crew.

Eddy Raja: It's not just Drake, goddammit! I'm telling you, this island is cursed!

Gabriel Roman: Enough. Take your sorry mob and go!

Eddy Raja: Wait, you can't cut me loose! You owe me a share of the gold!

Gabriel Roman: Your share, Eddy, was contingent on doing what I required. You assured me that Drake was captured, and the island secure.

Eddy Raja: Oh, this is bullshit Roman! And you know it!

Gabriel Roman: We're done here Mr. Raja.

Eddy Raja: Tai kamu! Mati aja lo! Cialan!

Gabriel Roman: Remind me again why you employed that superstitious idiot!

Atoq Navarro: You wanted someone cheap.

Gabriel Roman: Well, you get what you pay for I suppose. And what about you, Navarro? Are you worth what I'm paying you?

Atoq Navarro: The vault's here. I'm sure of it. If Sullivan can be trusted...

Gabriel Roman: Which he can't!

Atoq Navarro: Look, he knows we'll kill him if he's lying.

Gabriel Roman: Don't be stupid. He knows we'll kill him once we find the treasure. He has no incentive to tell the truth. Really, Navarro, sometimes I think you left your brains back in that slum where I found you.

Atoq Navarro: I just need a little more time.

Gabriel Roman: Chasing this treasure of yours is proving to be more trouble than it's probably worth.

Atoq Navarro: I assure you, El Dorado is worth more than you can possibly imagine.

Gabriel Roman: It had better be...

Chapter 15 - On the Trail of the Treasure

Chapter 16 - The Treasure Vault

Nathan Drake: Well there's no way but forward.

Nathan Drake:[After seeing the descendant running] What was that?

Nathan Drake: [After seeing the descendant jumping] What the hell?

Eddy Raja: Hey! Bule. Last man alive gets the gold... You lose!

Pirates: [laugh].

Eddy Raja: Kill them both!

Nathan Drake: Hope this leads somewhere.

Chapter 17 - The Heart of the Vault

Elena Fisher: There nothing here.

Nathan Drake: This is getting so old.

Nathan Drake: Hello boys... Easy Eddy. Easy. What the hell's going out there? [after hearing a strange roar]

Eddy Raja: Didn't you see them?

Pirate: Oh no... Oh god no...

Eddy Raja: We're trapped!

Nathan Drake: Jesus, what is that?

Eddy Raja: We're dead! We're all dead!

Pirate: - Aaaaaggh!!

Eddy Raja: - No!

Nathan Drake: Eddy, get back here. (Seeing the descendant jump out of the hole) Oh crap...

Eddy Raja: Drake, if we don't make it out of here, I just want you to know: I hate your guts.

Nathan Drake:Yeah, likewise pal. Now let's do this!

Elena Fisher: What the hell is going on down there?

Nathan Drake: Just get that rope down here! Fast!

Elena Fisher: Damn! It's totally rusted - it won't move!

Eddy Raja: You want some of this?

Nathan Drake: Elena?!

Elena Fisher: It's stuck!

Eddy Raja: That's right you, ugly konyok! Don't mess with Eddy Raja!

[Eddy is grabbed and almost pulled into a hole by a descendant]

Nathan Drake: Eddy! Eddy! Hold on!

Eddy Raja: [screams]. [after being bitten on the neck]

Nathan Drake: Oh, you have got to be kidding me... Elena, hurry up! [after the room swarms with descendants]

Chapter 18 - The Bunker

Nathan Drake: Go! Go! Run!

Elena Fisher: (upon finding the elevator) I bet we could use this to get to the surface. Damn it!

Nathan Drake: I guess the Nazis didn't pay their electric bill.

Nathan Drake: (sees blood everywhere) What the hell happened here?

Nathan Drake: (descendant comes out from behind the wall) Oh shit!

Chapter 19 - Unwelcome Guests

Nathan Drake: Oh no [after seeing the door open in the generator room].

Nathan Drake: This is turning out to be a really lousy day.

Nathan Drake: Oh, no. Not again!

Gabriel Roman: Can you hear me in there?

Nathan Drake: Loud and clear, jackass.

Gabriel Roman: Oh, no microphone on your end? What a shame.

Elena Fisher: Nate! Get outta there before-

Nathan Drake: Elena! Leave her alone, you sons of-

Gabriel Roman: Navarro, if you can't maintain control over a small girl...

Atoq Navarro: It won't happen again. Trust me.

Gabriel Roman: I'm sorry for the interruption. I just wanted to uh, thank you for leading us to El Dorado.

Nathan Drake: Of course.

Gabriel Roman: Oh, I hope you don't mind if we borrow Miss Fisher a little while longer. Just to discourage you and your partner from trying anything creative. So long, Nate. It's been fun.

Nathan Drake: Yeah... keep smilin', asshole. I'll see you soon. Whoa... Oh hell.. that can't be good.

Mercenary: Help Me!

Mercenary: What are these things?

Mercenary: Get away!

Chapter 20 - Race to the Rescue

Chapter 21 - Gold and Bones

Gabriel Roman: [Laughs].You two should realize by now that I plan for every contingency. Now drop your weapons. Down there. No heroics please, or I will kill her. Good, now, if you'll just hang tight, we'll be with you in a moment. It's magnificent. The craftsmanship, I've never seen anything like it before.

Atoq Navarro: That is only a shell. The real treasure of El Dorado lies inside, [laughs]. Open it!

Nathan Drake: My God.

Gabriel Roman: [coughs].

Atoq Navarro: Watch this.

Gabriel Roman: Navarro....[growls]

[Navarro shoots him in the head]

Atoq Navarro: Adios, jefe. So little imagination. [laughs]. Bajen la red!

Mercenary: Bajen la red.

Nathan Drake: Navarro, that thing wiped out an entire colony. You don't know what you're doing!

Atoq Navarro: Wrong! I'm the only person on this Island who knows what the hell he's doing! Cargue la estatua. Cuidado!

Atoq Navarro: Matenlo. Kill him!

Chapter 22 - Showdown

Nathan Drake: [while chasing Navarro] Nowhere to hide now...

Nathan Drake: [to Navarro] Adios, asshole.

Victor Sullivan: You two got a funny idea of romantic!

Nathan Drake: Sully! Wow, you look like hell!

Victor Sullivan: You should see the other guys!

Elena Fisher: [laughs]

Victor Sullivan: Got us a boat

Elena Fisher: Uh, we already have a boat.

Nathan Drake: Yeah, big boat.

Victor Sullivan: I like this one better.

(Victor show some treasures on the boat)

Elena Fisher: (gasps)

Victor Sullivan: (laughs)

Nathan Drake: Sully, you beautiful son of a bitch!

Victor Sullivan: Borrowed it off a couple of pirates who were too dead to care.

Nathan Drake: [to Elena] Sorry, you didn't get your story.

Elena Fisher: Ah, that's all right. There'll be others stories. You still owe me one.

Nathan Drake: I'm good for it.

Repeated Lines and Misc

Nathan Drake: [after kicking a pirate] I'll kick you to sleep!

Nathan Drake: [repeated line] Oh crap.

Nathan Drake: [after kicking an enemy in the groin] No children for you!

Nathan Drake: Aaaaaggh! [after being pounced on by a descendant].

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