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Uncharted Drake's Fortune Original Soundtrack
The Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Original Soundtrack contains most of the music that is featured in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. The music was composed by Greg Edmonson, who also composed the soundtrack for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, while DJ Shadow composed the song "El Dorado Megamix B". The soundtrack was released November 20th 2007 and features 21 tracks.


# Track title Composed By Length
1 "Nate's Theme" Greg Edmonson 1:46
2 "Grave Robbing" Greg Edmonson 2:01
3 "Sir Francis Drake" Greg Edmonson 1:07
4 "The Search for El Dorado" Greg Edmonson 2:50
5 "Uncharted Island" Greg Edmonson 3:08
6 "Plane-Wrecked" Greg Edmonson 2:56
7 "The Fortress" Greg Edmonson 2:03
8 "Unlocking the Past" Greg Edmonson 3:36
9 "Drowned City" Greg Edmonson 2:11
10 "Trapped" Greg Edmonson 4:24
11 "Heading Upriver" Greg Edmonson 2:36
12 "Sanctuary?" Greg Edmonson 4:24
13 "Treasure Vault" Greg Edmonson 3:25
14 "A Bitter End" Greg Edmonson 1:12
15 "Unwelcome Guests" Greg Edmonson 4:49
16 "The Bunker" Greg Edmonson 4:37
17 "Drake's Elegy" Greg Edmonson 1:57
18 "El Goddamn Dorado" Greg Edmonson 3:06
19 "Showdown" Greg Edmonson 2:26
20 "Uncharted Theme" Greg Edmonson 1:53
21 "Uncharted: The El Dorado Megamix" DJ Shadow 4:17

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