"Feel free to call it Uncarded."
— Colin Moriarty, IGN.
Uncharted fight for fortune

Uncharted: Fight for Fortune is a spin-off turn-based card game developed by Sony Bend Studios and One Loop Games exclusively for the PlayStation Vita. The game features heroes and villains from throughout the Uncharted series. It also features cross-play with Uncharted: Golden Abyss with the Powered Up Cards system. A list of cards can also be found here.


The card game revolves around creating a "faction" made up of characters from the Uncharted universe. The player uses this team to battle opponents in the form of attacking and defending.

As well as character cards, the game also includes "Resource" and "Fortune" cards to enhance a player's faction.

Every opponent has a certain amount of unlockable cards (5 in the Golden Abyss campaign, dependent on the DLC campaigns) which are unlocked by defeating that opponent. After winning the battle, the player can pick between one of the remaining cards each time, meaning that to collect every card, all opponents must be defeated multiple times, becoming harder each time, whether it be to keep a certain card alive for longer, or the opponent starting with more health or fortune, the final time the enemy is faced is considerably harder than the first battle with them.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss Cross-Play Elements

At the release of Fight For Fortune, a patch was released for Uncharted: Golden Abyss which unlocked cards for Fight For Fortune. The powered-up cards are unlocked after obtaining collectibles, trophies and miscellaneous items earns the player cards which can be used against their opponent.

DLC Campaigns

Shortly after the release date for FFF, two DLC expansions were released. The initial game featured cards from Drake's Fortune, Golden Abyss, and Eye Of Indra, while the two expansions each added cards from Among Thieves and Drake's Deception. The expansion packs each added a campaign each, including moe missions. The DLC cards will appear in the non-DLC version, but will only be unlockable by playing through and winning the missions in the campaigns enough to redeem all items after winning the battle.


Fight For Fortune includes a multi-player mode, of which there are two different versions: Online and Pass And Play. In the Online mode, two people will play the game as normal, but while facing a real person instead of AI. The player who starts the match can choose between different variables: Starting health and fortune, response time (before one inactive player forfeits the match) etc. Because of the gameplay, online matches are turn-based, and if one player is inactive for long enough, they forfeit the match. The trophy Kitty Got Wet is obtained by winning an online match normally (without the other player forfeiting). Because of the turn-based multi-player gameplay, a player can have up-to 10 ongoing matches at once. In the Pass And Play gamemode, two players take it in turns to play by passing the PlayStation Vita system between them. The Kitty Got Wet trophy is inobtainable in the Pass And Play gamemode. It is now rare to find random players in the Online mode.


Uncharted: Fight for Fortune was met with mixed to favorable reviews. IGN awarded it with a 7/10, stating "Although it suffers from some inconsistent AI, spotty online matchmaking and some balancing problems created by Golden Abyss-centric augments, it's still hard to deny that Uncharted: Fight For Fortune is a fun game". Pocket Gamer UK gave it a 8/10, saying the game "is a fun little time-waster in between real Uncharted releases, but it's one that's riddled with issues".

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