The story of Uncharted 2 is pushed forward by numerous cutscenes. The game features almost ninety minutes of these cinematic scenes. Several additional brief cutscenes exist in the Multiplayer Co-Op Objective missions.

List of Cutscenes



Brief Description

Cliffhanger 1 minute Nathan Drake awakes to find himself aboard a train suspended from a cliff.
The Lost Fleet 4 minutes Nate is joined by Harry Flynn and Chloe Frazer and they discuss 'the lost fleet'
Mostly Professional 2 minutes Chloe visits Nate in his hotel room and they discuss her relationship with Flynn.
Night at the Museum 3 minutes Chloe, Nate and Flynn arrive at the Istanbul Palace Museum
Tipping the Odds 1 minute Flynn pulls out two tranquilizer dart guntranquilizer dart guns to 'tip the odds' in their favour.
Doublecrossed 4 minutes Flynn and Nate discover the map to the wreck of the Lost Fleet, but soon after Flynn becomes a traitor.
Payback Time 4 minutes Chloe and Victor Sullivan bail Nate out of jail. They then discuss their plans to find the Cintamani Stone themselves.
The Diversion 1 minute As Sully and Nate arrive at the Borneo camp, they detonate the explosives and Zoran Lazarevic goes to investigate.
To Higher Ground 2 Nate searches through Lazarevic's documents at the Borneo camp.
The Golden Passport 2 minutes Nate, Sully and Chloe investigate an underground cavern filled with blue resin . Inside, they find the dagger .
Take Them to Lazarevic 2 minutes As they return to the surface, Flynn and some soldiers are waiting for them. Chloe sides with Flynn to keep her cover, while Nate and Sully escape by jumping into the river below.
Trouble in Nepal 3 Nate, now in the Valley of Temples, Nepal, is chased by an enemy truck through the streets. The truck is destroyed and Nate takes cover in a nearby building. He watches as a busfull of resistance fighters are shot down by Lazarevic's soldiers.
An Ass Worth Saving 2 minutes Chloe saves Nate and they discuss the dagger and realise they must reach higher ground to find the temple.
I Don't Like These Odds 1 minute Chloe and Nate come to a plaza littered with soldiers. Chloe comes up with a risky plan.
Going Up 1 minute Chloe and Nate ride the elevator up the hotel.
Time to Go 1 minute Now on the roof of the hotel, Chloe and Nate search for the right temple.
Last Year's Model 3 minutes Nate runs into his old lover, Elena Fisher and her camera man Jeff. They discuss Lazarevic. Chloe turns up and Elena introduces herself. Nate wants them to come with him and Chloe, but she's against it. In the end they embark as four.
The Temple 1 minute The four of them arrive at the temple. They begin talking, but Lazarevic's helicopter arrives and they hurry inside.
X Marks the Spot 1 minute In the heart of the temple, Nate and Chloe discover a 3D map pinpointing Shambhala's location. Nate marks it on his paper map and they leave.
Walking Wounded 1 minute Outside the temple, Nate discovers Jeff has been wounded. Nate doesn't want to leave him however and supports him with his arm as they disperse.
Cornered 3 minutes The four of them come to a dead end and Lazarevic and Flynn catch up with them. Again, Chloe goes with the two villains. Lazarevic takes the dagger and gives it to Draza . He then shoots Jeff dead. As he leaves, he tells Flynn to finish them off. Nate and Elena overpower him and escape.
Honor Among Thieves 2 minutes After fleeing the soldiers, Nate and Elena hide in a ruined house
Scoping the Railyard 1 minute Nate, after deciding to go after Chloe, plans with Elena on how to board the train.
All Aboard 1 minute Elena arrives late with her jeep and they chase the train. At the lasts second Nate jumps.
Here Goes Nothing 2 minutes Nate, after taking down Draza, steals back the dagger. Draza proves not to be dead however, and attempts to strangle Nate. Chloe shoots Draza before he can kill him, but she isn't alone. Flynn shoots Nate in the stomach, but Chloe stops him from shooting again. Nate retreats into the carriage behind, wounded. As he hears soldiers approaching, he shoots the propane tanks in front of him.
Back Where We Started 1 minute Nate, after struggling through the snow, hears truckloads of soldiers arriving.
Brought in from the Cold 2 minutes Nate, after passing out in the snow, wakes to find himself inside a house. A man named Tenzin and his daughter, Pema greet him. Tenzin speaks a language Nate does not understand. Nate finds himself to be all bandaged up. Tenzin gestures to Nate to follow him outside.
Schäfer's Story 5 minutes Nate follows Tenzin to the other end of the village, where he finds Elena and a mysterious man named Shafer. Shafer tells Nate his story on how he had embarked on an expedition into the mountains in search of the Stone. Nate is starting to doubt his story, so Shafer tells him to find the remains of his expedition. He embarkes with Tenzin into the caves.
What Would a Man Become? 3 minutes Tenzin and Nate, now at the heart of the caves, find the expedition. They find bodies with boxes of resin with them. Nate realises that Shafer must have shot them. Before long however, some Shambhala Guardians arrive.
This is our Fault 1 minute Nate and Tenzin escape the caves via a basic elevator. They see Tenzin's village from their vantage point, it is in flames. They hurry down to it, and Nate finds Elena comforting the children. She explains that Lazarevic has found them and has kidnapped Shafer.
Jump! Less than 1 minute Tenzin and Nate arrive at a village house. Tenzin sights Shafer through his binoculars, but Drake sees something different. As the tank aims directly at them, they jump from the house.
We Gotta Go 2 minutes Nate and Elena steal an enemy truck and chase after Lazarevic's convoy. As they near, Drake jumps from the truck.
The Creepy Old Monastery 2 minutes After fighting off most of the convoy, Nate and Elena's truck slides off the side of the cliff. The soldiers decide they couldn't have survived, but the two of them miraculously climb up.
You Were Right 2 minutes Nate and Elena find Shafer on the floor inside the monastery. He is alive, but barely, and dies in Drake's arms.
That Belongs to Me 2 minutes Nate watches as Lazarevic gets angry with Flynn for not discovering the city yet. The two of them leave the room and Chloe is left alone with the dagger. Nate jumps down and takes the dagger from Chloe.
A Test of Wills 5 Nate and Elena find an underground room beneath the monastery, but it is not long before Lazarevic and his soldiers arrive. Nate holds a soldier hostage. But Lazarevic tells Nate that 'compassion is the enemy, mercy defeauts us' and kills the soldier himself. Nate and Elena drop their weapons and Lazarevic points the gun at Elena and Chloe, telling Nate to choose between them or open the gate to Shambhala. Drake reluctantly agrees. However, they find their path blocked by a deadly drop. Lazarevic orders Flynn and Nate to find a way across.
Welcome to Paradise 3 minutes After exploring the caves, Nate and Flynn are attacked by more guardians. Lazarevic arrives and takes them out with his sawed-off shotgun. They successfully bridge the gap and view Shambhala for the first time.
Off to Save the World 2 minutes After escaping Lazarevic, Nate, Elena and Chloe find dead bodies from past explorers, and guns. They are not alone for long however, as guardians arrive shortly.
The Cintamani Stone 3 minutes After fighting through Shambhala, Nate, Elena and Chloe arrive at the Cintamani Stone, which turns out just to be a ball of resin. They soon realise that Flynn is in the room with them, shot by Lazarevic. He detonates a grenade, killing himself and badly damaging Elena.
Get Away From This Place 1 minute After fighting through more waves of soldiers, the trio rethink their plans. With Elena badly hurt, Chloe wants to go back, but Nate decides to go after Lazarevic alone.
He's Mine 2 minutes Nate finds Lazarevic and some soldiers in the heart of the Tree of Life. He watches Lazarevic drink the resin. Lazarevic orders the soldiers to leave, and he and Nate prepare for their final battle.
No Compassion, No Mercy 1 minute After Nate beats Lazarevic, he leaves the tree of life as the guardians savagly attack Lazarevic.
I Haven't Thought That Far Ahead 4 minutes As Shambhala crumbles around them, Nate and Chloe run from Shambhala back to the monastery, supporting the barely alive Elena with them. Back in the village, a funeral is held for Shafer. Chloe leaves Nate, as she can see that he really loves Elena. Sully comes out of a house with Elena, who has survived. Sully walks after Chloe, and Nate and Elena discuss how scared Drake was that she was going to die.