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The multiplayer beta of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception launched on the 28th of June 2011 to all PlayStation Plus members, owners of specially marked copies of Infamous 2 and beta code holders. Statistics and levels from the beta do not carry into the full game.


Release and early issues

The beta was released on the 28th of June to Asia and Australia several hours early to account for the time zone difference. It was released to the rest of the world at approximately 2pm PDT that day. In the hours following the release, the beta was immediately reported to Naughty Dog as being filled with issues, most notably a widespread inability to connect to the servers (with an "Error initializing session manager" message), severe frame rate drops and persistent crashing. Naughty Dog disabled the beta's Facebook connection feature in an attempt to ease these problems. The beta was patched to version 1.01 at 1:30am PDT on the 29th of June, less than twelve hours after its release.[1] Further issues arose with the patch download, with several PlayStation consoles simply resetting when attempting to download.

Following early issues with Plunder, it was removed from the available gametypes and replaced with Free For All Deathmatch.

Further patches

The beta was patched to version 1.02 at 10:30pm PDT on July 5, 2011. This patch included the addition of Plunder back into the playlist, as well as the removal of Free For All Deathmatch, and the re-addition of Facebook integration. The patch also allows players to disable Uncharted TV.[2]

On July 6, 2011 the beta was patched to version 1.03, with the update fixing matchmaking issues in European regions.[3]

Patch 1.04 was released on the 8th of July 2011.[4]

Account resets

Toward the end of the beta, several player's beta accounts were reset back to rank 1, and all unlocked beta content was lost. However, Naughty Dog assured that their progress up to the reset was saved and will count towards the full game rewards.[5]

Final statistics

It was announced after the beta had ended that it had been played by a total of 1.53 million unique players. The average number of kills per player was 1,200. In total, approximately 48 billion shots were fired in over 22 million matches. Players earned a total of approximately 1.8 billion kills.[6]

Gametypes and Maps

  • Team deathmatch: Standard team deathmatch. Two teams of five face each other, and the first team to fifty kills wins. If the results are close at the end of the match, one minute of overtime is added. If the results are tied at the end of this minute, the match enters sudden death.
  • Three team deathmatch: Three teams of two face each other with a goal of twenty kills.
  • Free For All: Eight players battle each other with a goal of fifteen kills.
  • Hardcore: Standard 5 vs. 5 deathmatch, excluding features like boosters, power plays and medal kickbacks. The cargo plane sequence is also removed from the beginning of the Airstrip map, as well as the short animation being removed from the beginning of the Chateau.
  • Co-op arena: Three players have twenty minutes to complete as 10 rounds of challenges. Three gametypes are included: Survival, Gold Rush and Siege.
  • Co-op Hunter Arena: Two teams of two (2v2) are pitted against each other, one as the heroes and the other as the villains. The villains are aided by AI enemies and there goal is to stop the heroes from capturing any treasure. The villains start out weaker than the Heroes, like the AI goons. Medal Kickbacks are awarded to the Heroes for returning a piece of treasure while Hunters earn medals for obtaining kills, which allows them to pick a more powerful pirate or soldier to respawn as. After six minutes the teams are reversed. Spawn locations of the AI change throughout the match as well as more powerful gear becoming available as time goes on.
  • Co-op Adventure: Similar to Uncharted 2's Co-op Objective, but with added objectives, such as placing numerous treasures around the map.

The above gametypes were played on either the Airstrip, the Chateau, or Yemen (which was added in the final week of the beta). Co-op Adventure was played on the Syria map.


U3 1-50

The badges used for ranks in the beta.

The beta contains 47 ranks, each requiring varying amounts of XP to reach. Although early information said that the maximum rank would be 25, it was later announced that the cap was level 50.[7] This however was incorrect, and the highest possible rank is in fact 47, as the player can not accumulate more than 10,000,000XP.

Rank Cash required ($)
1 0 (default level)
2 1,525
3 7,625
4 15,250
5 30,500
6 53,375
7 77,775
8 102,937
9 128,862
10 156,312
11 184,525
12 213,500
13 243,237
14 273,737
15 305,000
16 337,025
17 369,812
18 403,362
19 438,437
20 476,562
21 520,025
22 575,687
23 633,637
24 649,463
25 757,162
26 1,015,843
27 1,100,000
28 1,210,000
29 1,340,000
30 1,500,000
31 1,690,000
32 1,910,000
33 2,160,000
34 2,440,000
35 2,750,000
36 3,090,000
37 3,460,000
38 3,860,000
39 4,290,000
40 4,750,000
41 5,240,000
42 5,760,000
43 6,310,000
44 6,890,000
45 7,500,000
46 8,140,000
47 9,510,000


Although this list is complete, it lacks some images. You can help the Uncharted Wiki by uploading them. Several medals below, although having appeared in Uncharted 2, have no image as their appearances have changed for Uncharted 3.

Medal Description Value
Assist in the defeat of five enemies by shooting them but not getting the final shot. $250
Defeat an opponent after you yourself have been defeated. $150
Defeat five enemies using any pistol or pistols in a single Competitive game. $500
Defeat three enemies using any long gun or long guns in a single Competitive game. $250
Defeat two enemies using hand to hand combat. $500
Defeat five enemies without being defeated. $2500
Defeat ten enemies without being defeated. $5000
Defeat fifteen enemies without being defeated. $7500
Defeat twenty enemies without being defeated. $10000
Double Down
Double Down
Defeat two enemies in rapid succession. $500

Defeat three enemies in rapid succession.

Connect Four
Connect Four
Defeat four enemies in rapid succession. $1500
Five Not Alive
Five Not Alive

Defeat five enemies in rapid succession.

Wipe Out
Wipe out
Defeat the entire opposing team. $1000
Fire In The Hole
Fire in the Hole
Defeat three or more enemies at once with an explosion. $500
Defeat an enemy with a propane tank. $1000
Defeat three enemies using stealth. $1000
Pull Down
Pull Down
Pull an enemy off a ledge. $500
Kick Off
Kick Off
Kick an enemy off a ledge. $500
Win a game without dying. $1000
Triple Threat
Triple Threat
Defeat three enemies with long guns, three enemies with pistols, and three enemies with explosives. $3000
Spray and Pray
Spray and Pray
Defeat five enemies with blindfire. $500
Head Hunter
Head Hunter
Defeat three enemies with head shots. $1000
The Long Ranger
The Long Ranger
Defeat three enemies from at least seventy metres away. $1500
Shut'em Down
Shut'em Down
End an enemies killing streak (Defeated enemy had five or more kills in a row). $1000
First U3
Get the first kill of a game. $500
Last Kill!
Last Kill!
Get the last kill of a game. $500
Defender U3
Kill a player that is actively shooting one of your teammates. $250
Put'em Down
Put'em Down U3
Kill someone in the knockdown state with a pistol weapon. $1000
Fly on the Wall
Fly on the Wall U3
Kill a player who is climbing. $500
Tricky U3
Kill a player with a pistol weapon while hanging. $1000
Unlucky U3
Die 5 times without getting a kill. $100
Retaliation U3
Kill the last player that killed you. $250
Kill a VIP on a power play. $1000
Guard Duty
Guard Duty
Protect the VIP during a power play. $1000
Kill an enemy that just killed a teammate. $350
Retrieve 5 treasures. $1000
Oh Snap!
Oh Snap!
Perform stealth from behind kill. $500
Kill every member of the other team once. $1000
Strike Three
Strike Three
Go on a 3 kill streak. $500
Death From Above
Death From Above
Kill enemy with falling kill. $500
Hail Mary
Hail Mary
Get a grenade kill from 50m away. $1000
Survive 2 grenade explosions. $250
Riot Starter
Riot Starter
Kill every member of the other team twice. $500
Kill every member of the other team three times. $2000
Kill an airborne enemy. $1000
Get a head slam kill. $500
Stay in cover for more than a minute. $50
Stay Low
Stay Low
Stay in cover for a total of 2 minutes. $100
Deep Cover
Deep Cover
Stay in cover for a total of 3 minutes. $150
Roll more than 25 times. $50
Sunday Stroll
Sunday Stroll
Run more than 1000 metres. $100
Marathon Man
Marathon Man
Run more than 2000 metres. $200
Think Vertically
Think Vertically
Spend more than a minute climbing. $100
Kill 5 players with the Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. $500
Hard Shell
Hard Shell
Survive 5 bullets in the back with the Shield on Back. $250
Get a kill after dying 5 times in a row. $150
Three Kickback King
Three Kickback King
Use 3 medal kickbacks in game. $500
In Your Face
In Your Face
Taunt 5 enemies that you killed. $500
Kill 3 enemies with a shield bash. $500
Down Here
Down Here
Kill an enemy above you. $500
Up Here
Up Here
Kill an enemy below you.
Killer Curse
Killer Curse
Kill 3 players when cursed. $500
Three Medal Pickup
Three Medal Pickup
Open a chest. $50
Just Cash
Just Cash
Sometimes picked up off of dead enemies. $250
Get a kill while on a zip line. $500
No Turret For You
No Turret For You
Kill an enemy on a turret. $500
The Redcoats are Here
The Redcoats are Here
Kill a player with Militia Man active. $500
Not Goin' Nowhere
Not Goin' Nowhere
Kill a player as he activates Smoke Bomb. $500
Not Fast Enough
Not Fast Enough
Kill a player with Speedy G active. $500
Down Came the Rain
Down Came the Rain
Kill a player with Creepy Crawler active. $500
Hard Target
Hard Target
Survive the entire minute while being a Marked Man. $500
Here, Hold This
Here, Hold This
Kill an enemy with a thrown back grenade. $500
Kill an enemy about to throw a Kickback grenade. $500
Cluster's Last Stand
Cluster's Last Stand
Get a kill with Cluster Bomb. $500
Drake's On A Plane
Drake's On A Plane
End the Airstrip sequence as the leading team. $500
Power Killer
Power Killer
Get 3 kills with power weapons. $500
High Five
High Five
High five with your buddy over an opponent you defeated together. $150
Your team captured the treasure. $1000
Drop It
Drop it
Defeat an enemy player while they are carrying the treasure in a competitive Plunder game. $500
Capture five territories. $1000
Tip Off
Tip Off
Be the first player to grab the treasure in a Plunder match. $500
Shoot an enemy that is damaging the treasure bearer, $250
No Cigar
No Cigar U3
Kill the treasure carrier while they are about to score the treasure. $1000
None Shall Pass
None Shall Pass U3
Get 5 kills during a King of the Hill game while inside the hill. $2500
That Was Embarrassing
That Was Embarrassing U3
Earn a shut out in Plunder. $2500
Treasure Hunter
Treasure Hunter
Find five treasures in Co-op. $1000
Rescue 3 downed teammates. $500
Big Bang
Big Bang
Defeat three enemies with a single grenade. $500
Purple Heart
Purple Heart
Get revived five times in a game. $500
Punch Out
Punch out
Defeat 3 enemies with hand-to-hand combat in a single Co-op game. $500
Let 'Em Go
Let 'Em Go
Defeat an enemy who is choking a teammate. $500
Covert Ops
Covert Ops
Defeat 1 enemy using stealth. $500
Heat Seeker
Heat Seeker
Defeat three enemies with a single rocket. $500
Master Chef
Master Chef
Defeat three enemies by exploding one propane tank. $1000
Easy Rider
Easy Rider
Defeat three enemies by exploding one car. $1000
Dead Eye
Dead Eye
Defeat three enemies quickly with the sniper rifle. $500
Gift Giver
Gift Giver
Assist in defeating five enemies. $1000
Long Gun Fever
Long Gun Fever
Get 5 kills with any long gun. $500
Wild West
Wild West
Get 5 kills with any pistol. $500
Head Cracker
Head Cracker
Get 2 head shots. $500
Tricky Boy
Tricky Boy
Get 2 kills while hanging. $500
Gate Keeper
Gate Keeper
Kill a Co-op boss. $500
If It Bleeds...
If It Bleeds...
Kill a Brute. $500
Hot Potato
Hot Potato
Make an enemy drop a grenade by shooting them. $500
While They're Down
While They're Down
Kill a NPC in a knocked down state. $500
12 Parsecs
12 Parsecs
Beat a Co-op game in 15 minutes or less. $5000
Many Hands
Many Hands
Help retrieve an idol during the Co-op Adventure - Syria map. $500
Everything In Its Place
Everything In Its Place
Place an idol in the Co-op Adventure - Syria level. $500

Medal Kickbacks

The following list is partially incomplete. You can help the Uncharted Wiki by helping to complete it.

Name Effect Duration Medal cost Purchase cost Required rank
RPG!! Spawns an RPG Instant effect 14 medals Free 1
Speedy G Speed boost 20 seconds 7 medals $8000 1
Smoke Bomb Vanish in a puff of smoke Instant effect 7 medals $28000
Militia Man No reloading 30 seconds 7 medals $52250
Cluster Bomb One grenade explodes into multiple grenades Instant effect 10 medals $63000 15
Disruption Nearby enemies cannot see player arrows 25 seconds 7 medals Free 23
Creepy Crawler Transform into a swarm of spiders. 20 seconds 17 medals Requires a voucher code to unlock N/A
Militia Man - Co-op No reloading 30 seconds 4 medals Free
Team Medic Heal yourself and teammates Instant effect 6 medals $15000
Speedy G - Co-op Speed boost 20 seconds 5 medals $100000
Mega Bomb - Co-op One massive grenade explosion Instant effect 7 medals $200000 16

Army of Three


Doubles the damage of all players within 10 meters 40 seconds 6 medals 25


The following list is incomplete. You can help the Uncharted Wiki by helping to complete it.

Name Effect Required rank Purchase cost Slot
Come Here
  • Level 1: See the opponent that killed you up to 15 metres away until they die.
  • Level 2: See the opponent that killed you up to 20 metres away until they die.
  • Level 3: See the opponent that killed you up to 30 metres away until they die.
$10000 1
  • Level 1: Decrease sprint recovery time by 20%.
  • Level 2: Increase Sprint duration by 20%
  • Level 3:
$20000 1
  • Level 1: Opponents will not see your player arrow and you are difficult to hear.
  • Level 2: You are near silent.
  • Level 3You are silent and immune to disruption.
$30250 1
Weapon Expert
  • Level 1: Add one additional MOD slot to all pistols.
  • Level 2: Quickly swap between your pistol and long gun
  • Level 3: Add one additional MOD slot to all long guns'
16 $55000 1
Scoped In - Co-op
  • Level 1: Reduced pain wobble while scoped in by 20%
  • Level 2:
  • Level 3:
$10000 1
Regeneration - Co-op
  • Level 1: Recover from wounds 70% faster
  • Level 2:Recover from wounds 100% faster
  • Level 3:Recover from wounds 130% faster
$65000 1
Beast Mode - Co-op
  • Level 1: Move faster with heavy objects by 10%
  • Level 2: Move faster with heavy objects by 15%
  • Level 3: Move faster with heavy objects by 20%
15 $150000 1
Power Hunter
  • Level 1: See the location of power weapons within 10 meters
  • Level 2: See the location of power weapons within 20 meters
  • Level 3: See the location of power weapons within 40 meters
$10000 2
  • Level 1: Taunt over an opponents body to receive ammo
  • Level 2: Taunt over an opponents body to receive a grenade
  • Level 3: Taunt over an opponents body to receive additional ammo
$8000 2
Back in the Saddle
  • Level 1: Respawn time reduced by 2 seconds.
  • Level 2: Respawn time reduced by 3 seconds.
  • Level 3: Respawn time reduced by 4 seconds.
$25700 2
  • Level 1: Decrease Medal Kickback cost by 1.
  • Level 2: All kickback rewards appear gold
  • Level 3: Decrease Medal Kickback cost by 2.
20 2
Monkey Man - Co-op
  • Level 1: Increase traversal speed by 20%
  • Level 2: Increase traversal speed by 30%
  • Level 3: Increase traversal speed by 40%
$10000 2
Bargain - Co-op
  • Level 1: Decrease Medal Kickback cost by 1.
  • Level 2: All medal kickbacks appear golden.
  • Level 3: Decrease Medal Kickback cost by 2.
$85750 2
Back in the Saddle - Co-op
  • Level 1: Respawn time reduced by 10 seconds.
  • Level 2: Respawn time reduced by 15 seconds.
  • Level 3: Respawn time reduced by 20 seconds.
20 2

Can be bought at the start of a match, for use in that match only.

The following list is incomplete. You can help the Uncharted Wiki by helping to complete it.

Name Effect Cost
Bargain Reduce the cost of medal kickbacks by 1. $15000
Explosive Expert Carry an extra grenade. $12000
Heavy Bullets Increases stopping power of your bullets. $20000
PING! Short range radar $25000
Untraceable You do not fire tracer bullets $25000

Power Plays

Power plays are a means of giving a losing team an advantage, and a chance to improve their score. They can occur several times throughout a match, and can begin with as little as 5 kills between the two teams. They are accompanied by music. They last 60 seconds each.

Name Effect
Marked Man A member of the winning team (referred to as the VIP) is marked. The losing team gains extra points for killing the VIP, while the winning team gets extra points if the VIP survives.
Exposed The losing team sees the locations of all winning team members through walls and other obstacles.
Double Damage The losing team deals double damage with all attacks.
Cursed The winning team sees everyone as skeletons and friendly fire is enabled. If a member kills their own teammate, the other team earns extra points, or if a member from the losing team kills a member of the winning team they get extra points.

Treasures and Treasure Sets

Treasures are occasionally dropped when you kill an enemy. They can be picked up by pressing PlayStationTriangle and will eventually build into treasure sets, which are used to purchase character skin customizations.

Common sets

Set name Contents
Bronze Sanxingdui
  • Sanxingdui Flattop Head
  • Sanxingdui Stickeye Head
Copper Sanxingdui
  • Sanxingdui Flattop Head
  • Sanxingdui Roundtop Head
  • Sanxingdui Stickeye Head
Amber Sanxingdui
  • Sanxingdui Flattop Head
  • Sanxingdui Roundtop Head
  • Sanxingdui Stickeye Head
Valueless Statue
  • Saraswati Statue (bronze)
  • Chenrezig Buddha (copper)
Valueless Oil Lamp
  • Hanging Oil Lamp (bronze)
  • Hanging Oil Lamp (copper)
Worthless Gilt
  • Gilt Bodhisattva (bronze)
  • Gilt Tara (bronze)
Bronze Statue
  • Buddha Statue
  • Tzongkhapa Statue
Worthless Bird Lamps
  • Bird Lamp (bronze)
  • Bird Lamp (copper)
Valueless Lion
  • Chimera (amber)
  • Lion Nepal (amber)
  • Lion (copper)
Cheap Jewelry
  • Eight Emblems Pendant (bronze)
  • Ritual Crown (bronze)
  • Amulet Box (copper)
Worthless Mask
  • Lakhe Mask (bronze)
  • Wrathful Mask (bronze)
Valueless Travelers Set
  • Dipa Oil Lamp
  • Ankhora Water Pot

Antiquity sets

Set name Contents
Nine Jewel
  • Nine Jewel Ring (gold)
  • Nine Jewel Ring (silver)
  • Passport (bronze)
  • Tibetan Snuff Bottle (silver)
Stylish Jewelry
  • Ottoman Bracelet (gold)
  • Lion Nepal (hematite)
Bronze Animal
  • Animal
  • Lion Nepal
Lost Pendants
  • Eight Emblems Pendant (emerald)
  • Garuda (crystal)
Newari Fugure
  • Garuda (hematite)
  • Newari Figures (bronze)
  • Newari Figures (gold)
  • Newari Figures (silver)
  • Newari Figures (copper)
Lost Wrathful Deity
  • Wrathful Deity Head (crystal)
  • Wrathful Deity Head (ivory)
Emerald Sanxingdui
  • Sanxingdui Roundtop Head
  • Sanxingdui Stickeye Head
Bronze Mandala
  • Mandala Thogchag
  • Mani Jewel Thogchag
Elaborate Tibetan
  • Tibetan Trumpet (ivory)
  • Tibetan Tea Spoon (jade)
  • Tibetan Ring (silver)
Treasured Creatures
  • Lion (crystal)
  • Animal (crystal)
  • Bird Lamp (gold)
  • Toad Censer (bronze)
Ritual Bead
  • Skull Bead (amber)
  • Skull Bead (crystal)
Historical Currency
  • Byzantine Coin (silver)
  • Yuan Coin (silver)
  • Byzantine Coin (gold)
Valuable Gold
  • Dorje
  • Conch Horn
  • Fibula Thogchag
  • Chess Knight (amber)
  • Chess Knight (ivory)
Gold Rulers
  • Ritual Crown
  • Turkish Belt Buckle
  • Eight Emblems Pendant

Artifact sets

Set name Contents
Regal Dining
  • Singing Bowl (crystal)
  • Altar Spoon (gold)
  • Singing Bowl (gold)
  • Tibetan Tea Spoon (ivory)
Knowledgeable Gentleman
  • Antique Pipe (ivory)
  • Antique Pocket Watch (silver)
  • Ottoman Ring (gold)
  • Yuan Fish (bronze)
  • Yuan Fish (amber)
  • Yuan Fish (gold)
Deity Statue
  • Saraswati Statue (gold)
  • Tzongkhapa Statue (ivory)
  • Tzongkhapa Statue (emerald)
Priceless Statue
  • Buddha Statue (crystal)
  • Ganesh Statue (emerald)
  • Tzongkhapa Statue (crystal)
Priceless Tibetan
  • Tibetan Offering Pot (gold)
  • Tibetan Tea Spoon (gold)
  • Tibetan Ring (gold)
Priceless Gilt
  • Gilt Tara (lapis-lazuli)
  • Gilt Tara (silver)
  • Gilt Tara (ruby)
  • Skull Bead (ruby)
  • Ceremonial Axe (silver)
  • Ceremonial Blade (lapis-lazuli)
Lost Seals
  • Official Seal (hematite)
  • Official Seal (silver)
Sea of Tranquility
  • Tibetan Coral Saddle Ring (silver)
  • Yuan Fish (silver)
  • Yuan Fish (jade)
Ottoman Empire
  • Ottoman Ring (hematite)
  • Ottoman Bracelet (silver)
Fearsome Being
  • Wrathful Deity Head (hematite)
  • Wrathful Deity Head (jade)
  • Wrathful Deity Head (lapis-lazuli)

Character skins and customization

Skin Head Torso Legs Arms Feet
Nathan Drake
  • Aviators - Complete Ottoman Empire treasure set to unlock
  • Ball Cap - Complete Deity Statue treasure set to unlock
French Sweater - Available by default Common Pants - Available by default N/A N/A
Victor Sullivan
  • Fisherman Cap - Complete Pisces treasure set to unlock
  • Fedora - Complete Knowledgeable Gentleman treasure set to unlock
Havana Shirt - Available by default Common Pants - Available by default
  • Available by default:
    • Champions Ring
    • Ring
    • Ring Bling
    • Formal Ring
    • Common Ring
  • Beast Bling - Complete Nine Jewel treasure set to unlock.
Treasure Hunter (3 variants, 5 voices available) Stylish Sunglasses - Complete Stylish Jewelry treasure set to unlock
  • Outdoor Jacket - Available by default
  • Mountain Jacket - Complete Vegabond treasure set to unlock
  • Adventure Shirt - Complete Bronze Sanxingdui treasure set to unlock
  • Common Pants - Available by default
  • Shotgun Pants - Complete Copper Saxingdui treasure set to unlock
Worn Gloves - Available by default
  • Laced Boots - Available by default
  • Sneakers - Complete Bronze Animal treasure set to unlock
Pirate (3 variants, 5 voices available)
  • Worn Beanie - Default
  • Dust Storm Face Scarf - Complete Lost Wrathful Deity Statue treasure set to unlock
  • Helmet - Complete Valueless Statue treasure set to unlock
  • Gas Mask - Complete Priceless Statue treasure set to unlock
  • Available by default:
    • Rebellion Shirt
    • Bandolier Closed
  • Emblem Shirt - Complete Newari Figure treasure set to unlock
  • Plain Armour - Complete Amber Sanxingdui treasure set to unlock
  • Merc Armour - Complete Lost Pendants treasure set to unlock
  • Common Pants - Default
  • Tailored Pants - Complete the Worthless Gilt treasure set to unlock
  • Explosive Pirate Pants - Complete the Emerald Sanxingdui treasure set to unlock
  • Formal Pirate Pants - Complete Priceless Tibetan treasure set to unlock
  • Merc Pants - Complete Elaborate Tibetan treasure set to unlock
Leather Gloves - Default
  • Worn Boots - Default
  • Leather Sandals - Complete Bronze Mandala treasure set to unlock