The following is a list of memorable or notable quotes from Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

Chapter 1 - Another Round

Nathan Drake: [reads from T. E. Lawrence's "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" in the opening voiceover] "All men dream - but not equally. Those who dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity... But the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible. This I did."
[There is a cutscene as Nate and Sully walk to the Pelican Inn. The barman motions to the back room, and Nate and Sully follow his directions.]
Charlie Cutter: Hands up. [Cutter body-searches Drake, patting up and down his waist.]
Nathan Drake: Enjoying yourself, pal?
Charlie Cutter: Oh, yeah, you're a comedian. [Cutter moves on to check Sully.]
Victor Sullivan: Nice warm welcome. [Cutter finishes the search.]
Charlie Cutter: They're both clean. [Talbot, Sully, and Drake walk up to the pool table.]
Talbot: My apologies, one can't be too careful.
Victor Sullivan: I'm guessing you're Talbot?
Talbot: Mr. Sullivan. And -- Mr. Drake.
Nathan Drake: That's right. 
Talbot: Do you have it.
Victor Sullivan: Let's, uh, see the money first.
Talbot: Cutter. [Charlie places a breifcase on the pool table. Talbot opens it and turns it around for them to see. It is full of wads of £50 notes.]
Talbot: It's all there. [Nate and Sully exchange confused looks.]
Talbot: Now let's see it. [Nate takes off his necklace with the ring on it, and holds it out.]
Talbot: I'll need to authenticate it.
Nathan Drake: Of course. [Nate gives the ring to Talbot to examine.]
Talbot: Silver... 16th century... [Nate picks up a wad of cash and flips through it.]
Talbot: ...Elizabethan design...Enscribed with Sir Francis Drake's motto... [Sully starts walking toward Talbot ]
Talbot: Well, it appears to be genuine.
Victor Sullivan: Well, of course it's genuine.
Talbot: If I may ask, how did you two come into this?
Victor Sullivan: Does it matter? [Talbot laughes.]
Talbot: My client will be very pleased.

Nathan Drake: Hold on a minute - Sully this is fake. [Sully picks up the eyeglass that Talbot was using to examine the ring and looks at the money.]
Talbot: I assure you, Mr. Drake...
Victor Sullivan: Woah, woah, you are right. This is phony as a three dollar bill. What the hell are you tryin' to pull here?
Talbot: Perhaps I should be asking you.
Nathan Drake: This is bullshit. [Nate pushes the case away, and Talbot and Drake reach for the ring simultaniously, Talbot's hand on top of Drake's.]
Nathan Drake: The deal's off, pal. [Nate pulls his hand out from under Talbot's, the ring in it.]
Victor Sullivan: And you. [points at Talbot] You can tell your 'client' you blew it. C'mon Nate, let's get the hell outta here. [Nate and Sully start to walk out when intervened by Talbot.]
Talbot: You're not really in a position to negotiate. Now give me the ring, take the case, and walk out of here like gentlemen. While you still can. [Nate continues, only to be stopped by Cutter.]
Charlie Cutter: Do as the man says, son. [Cutter pushes Nate away, and Sully and him are being pursued by one of Talbot's men.]
Nathan Drake: You're a thief!
Talbot: (smiles grimly) Well, now that's ironic.
[Nate glances at Sully, and picks up a pool cue and smashes it against a man's head. Sully does the same. Talbot takes the briefcase and walks out and fighting breaks out.]

[Nate and Sully are lying in an alleyway. Katherine Marlowe approaches them]
Katherine Marlowe : Hello Victor.
Victor Sullivan: Kate.
Katherine Marlowe: Still wallowing in the gutter with your protégé, I see. Not very dignified for a man of your age.
Nathan Drake: Shoulda known you'd be behind this. [Marlowe' shuts her umbrella]
Nathan Drake: Oh, careful now - wouldn't want you to melt.
Katherine Marlowe: (humourless laugh) Same cocky little shit. So fearless.... [Marlowe' draws a blade from her umbrella handle and slowly advances towards Drake]
Katherine Marlowe: I wonder what you're really afraid of. [Marlowe traces the blade around Drake's face]
Katherine Marlowe: Not bullets or blood or broken bones... no, you get off on all this, don't you? Cheating death. Or not... [Using the blade, Marlowe hooks the ring around Drake's neck]
Victor Sullivan: No...
Katherine Marlowe: Mr. Sullivan, I won't harm your precious boy. [She uses the blade to cut the necklace, dropping the ring into her hand.] I merely want what's mine!
Nathan Drake: Gimme that back! [Starts to get up to lunge at Marlowe.]
[Cutter takes out a gun and shoots Nate.]
Katherine Marlowe: Cutter!
Victor Sullivan: Oh, no, oh God, no!
Charlie Cutter: Shut up! [Shoots Sully]
Katherine Marlowe: You fool!
Charlie Cutter: Oh, you're bloody welcome, your majesty.
Talbot: Marlowe! We have to get you out of here.
Charlie Cutter: Ah, come on - they were a right pair of assholes!

Chapter 2 - Greatness from Small Beginnings

[Nate runs into Sully.]
Nathan Drake: Crap.
[Sully grabs his arm, Nate trys to break free.]
Nathan Drake: Sueltame, viejo!
Victor Sullivan: Let's try that again.
Nathan Drake: Let go of me!
Victor Sullivan: Ahh, that's what I thought. Now don't try to run.
[Sully releases his arm.]
Victor Sullivan: You're a long way from home, son.
Nathan Drake: Don't call me that.
Victor Sullivan: Parents must be worried about you.
Nathan Drake: Yeah, not likely.
Victor Sullivan: Okay - sore subject. That was a nice lift back there. You're pretty good.
Nathan Drake: I don't know what you're talking about, old man.
Victor Sullivan: Hey. Don't call me that. Your technique is really sloppy, though. You're telegraphing all your moves.
Nathan Drake: You're crazy.
Victor Sullivan: Yeah? You've been tailing me all over town. Probably figured me for an easy mark. But you picked the wrong guy, pal.
[Nate walks away.]
Victor Sullivan: Ah-ah.
Nathan Drake: What?
Victor Sullivan: My wallet.

Victor Sullivan: Fine, maybe we'll just call the police.
Nathan Drake: Go ahead. 'Course they might wonder why a middle-aged tourist is following young boys down alleyways.
Victor Sullivan: (laughs) You are a crafty little beggar, aren't you?
Nathan Drake: I know how to take care of myself. Anyway, I'm pretty sure you don't like the cops any more than I do.
Victor Sullivan: Good point.
[Nate walks away.]
Victor Sullivan: Kid. The wallet.
[Nate throws the wallet to Sully.]
Nathan Drake: Had to try.
Victor Sullivan: 'Course you did.

Chapter 3 - Second-Story Work

[Nate is looking at the key that he stole from Sully.]
Nathan Drake: Telegraphing all my moves, huh?

Victor Sullivan: Damn it, kid...
Katherine Marlowe: Why, Victor - look who it is... the filthy little stray that made off with your wallet.
Victor Sullivan: C'mon, son. You haven't got a chance. Just hand it over.
[Marlowe snatches the ancient device out of Nate's hands.]
Katherine Marlowe: Now - the ring.
[Nate just looking at them. Marlowe grabs his arm to get the ring from his hand. Nate unfists his hand and there's no ring.]
Nathan Drake: What ring?
[Marlowe makes sinister laugh and slaps Nate in the face.]
Victor Sullivan: Katherine!
Katherine Marlowe: Who do you think you are, boy? You're nothing but a filthy, cast-off little beggar. You're not fit to touch these objects.
[Nate gives her angry look. Marlowe raises her hand to give him another slap but Sully stops her.]
Victor Sullivan: What the hell do you think you're doing? He's just a kid.
[Nate runs away]
Katherine Marlowe: Stop him!

[Nate is running from Marlowe's men.]
Nathan Drake: Now they're shooting at me?!

Victor Sullivan: You can relax, kid - we're safe here.
[Sully puts the meal on the table and sits down.]
Victor Sullivan: Go on.
[No reaction from Nate.]
Victor Sullivan: Suit yourself, if you don't want it...
[Nate sits down at the table and starts eating. Sully lights up a cigar.]
Nathan Drake: What d'you want from me?
Victor Sullivan: Hm. A little gratitude would be nice. I did just save your ass back there.
Nathan Drake: Thanks. But what's in it for you? I mean, you're a crook, right? You gotta have an angle.
Victor Sullivan: (laughs) You are one piece of work, kid. What's your story, anyway?
Nathan Drake: Look, mister, no offense - but I don't even know you.
Victor Sullivan: Easily remedied, Victor Sullivan.
[Sully gives Nate a hand.]
Victor Sullivan: This would be the part where you introduce yourself.
[Nate just keeps eating.]
Victor Sullivan: Okay, suppose you tell me what's so special about that ring.

Nathan Drake: It belongs in my family. I'm just taking it back.
Victor Sullivan: Passed down from Francis Drake himself.
Nathan Drake: That's right.
Victor Sullivan: I don't know how to break this to you, kid, but Drake didn't have any heirs. No children.
Nathan Drake: Well... not with his wife back in England, anyway...
Victor Sullivan: (laughs) Okay, good point. Let me see it.
[Nate leans back.]
Victor Sullivan: C'mon, kid - if I was gonna take it from you, I would've done it by now.
[Nate gives Sully the ring.]
Victor Sullivan: Thank you. So, what is this? "Parvis M-"
Nathan Drake: [interrupting Sully] "Sic Parvis Magna" - it means "greatness from small beginnings". That was his motto.
Victor Sullivan: Yeah?
Nathan Drake: You see, Queen Elizabeth gave it to him in 1581, when he got back to England after circumnavigating the globe. That's when she made him a knight.
Victor Sullivan: You sure as hell didn't learn that on the streets. How's a kid your age know Latin?
Nathan Drake: The nuns sort of insisted on it.
Victor Sullivan: Ahh, so like a boarding school?
Nathan Drake: That's a nice word for it.
Victor Sullivan: Okay, then - so what was all that business with the ring and that astrolabe thing back there?
Nathan Drake: Why don't you tell me. You're the one working for 'em.
Victor Sullivan: Look, kid - a client wants something, I obtain it. For a price. I don't ask any questions. It's just a job.
Nathan Drake: Looked pretty friendly to me.
Victor Sullivan: Yeah, well... Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm fired.
Nathan Drake: Okay. Look- First of all, that was no astrolabe -
[Nate takes a notebook from the bag and shows Sully the drawing of the ancient device]
Nathan Drake: It's some sort of decoding device. Check this out...
[Nate shows Sully the drawing of a map]
Nathan Drake: On his way around the world, Drake sailed through the East Indies... Only he says that it took him six months to get from here - to here.
Victor Sullivan: Yeah, so?
Nathan Drake: So it doesn't add up. He was way too good a sailor for that - it would have taken him a month, tops. He was hiding something. Something big.
Victor Sullivan: How big?
Nathan Drake: Like secret-mission-from-the-Queen big. Like millions in plundered treasure that hasn't ever been recovered, big.
Victor Sullivan: That big.
Nathan Drake: That big.
Victor Sullivan: And that decoder has something to do with it.
Nathan Drake: I would bet my life on it.
Victor Sullivan: Oh, swell, and Marlowe's got it?
Nathan Drake: Won't do her much good without the key. [Shows a ring]
Victor Sullivan: So, it's a stalemate, then.
Nathan Drake: For now.
Victor Sullivan: So, you still haven't told me what your name is.
Nathan Drake: And you still haven't told me what you want from me.
Victor Sullivan: Okay, look - you got talent. But you've got a lot to learn. You stick with me, and I'll teach you a few things.
Nathan Drake: Thanks, but I'm doing just fine on my own.
Victor Sullivan: Yeah, clearly. Whaddya say we try this again?
[Sully gives Nate a hand]
Victor Sullivan: My friends call me Sully.
Nathan Drake: (chuckles) Nathan Drake.
[They handshake]
Nathan Drake: Nate.
Victor Sullivan: "Drake", huh? Okay. I see great things in our future, kid. Great things.

Chapter 4 - Run to Ground

Charlie Cutter: And... they're gone. All right, lads?
Victor Sullivan: Oh, God... Thought you were gonna put a silencer on that thing.
Charlie Cutter: Sully, you've got no sense of drama.
Victor Sullivan: Right. All that racket is gonna bring the cops any minute. Let's get the hell outta here.
Nathan Drake: You coulda pulled a couple of those punches, Charlie.
Charlie Cutter: What d'ya mean? I hardly touched you.
Nathan Drake: You headbutted me.
Charlie Cutter: All right, all right, I got a little swept up in the moment.
Nathan Drake: Yeah.
Charlie Cutter: You were the one who said "make it look realistic".
Victor Sullivan: [to Nate] Better stay on his good side.
Charlie Cutter: [via walkie-talkie] All right, Bright Eyes, look sharp, they're coming your way. Don't lose 'em.
Nathan Drake: Told you they'd take the bait.
Charlie Cutter: How long d'you reckon before they realize theirs is a fake?
Nathan Drake: Who cares? We finally flushed 'em out.
Victor Sullivan: Now we just follow 'em back to their hole.
Nathan Drake: [to Sully] You do realize you make everything sound dirty.
Victor Sullivan: I do?

Chloe Frazer: Evening, lads.
Charlie Cutter: All right, darling?
Chloe Frazer: [to Nate and Sully] Looks like Hell spit you two back out.
Victor Sullivan: Ah, it was a thing of beauty, Chloe.
Charlie Cutter: Went off without a hitch.
Chloe Frazer: [to Nate] You're unusually quiet. What's up your bum?
Nathan Drake: Oh well, Charlie seemed to enjoy himself a little bit too much for my taste.
Charlie Cutter: Here we go...
Nathan Drake: My ears are still ringing.
Charlie Cutter: Oh, for God's sake.
Chloe Frazer: Helps if you have something in between. Looks like I missed out on some fun.
Charlie Cutter: Yeah you did actually. It was very, very ah- cathartic.
Nathan Drake: Ha ha, that's funny.
Victor Sullivan: [to Chloe] You have any trouble?
Chloe Frazer: Nah, easy-peasy.
Nathan Drake: And you're sure they didn't see you trailing 'em?
Chloe Frazer: Not a chance.
Charlie Cutter: [to Chloe] So, which door is Scary Poppins hiding behind?
Chloe Frazer: Behind that one there - the green one. They drove in ages ago and it's been dark ever since.
Nathan Drake: You think they're still in there?
Chloe Frazer: Well, I haven't taken my eyes off it. An no one's gone in or out.
[Chloe handing over silenced pistols to Nate, Sully and Cutter]
Victor Sullivan: Think these are really necessary? I mean, it's not like they're expecting us.
Charlie Cutter: Don't underestimate these blokes - they're not messing about.
Nathan Drake: Hey, we're just going to sneak in and we sneak out. Just like that.
Charlie Cutter: Yeah, fair enough. But any trouble you shoot first and ask questions later, all right?

Victor Sullivan: Man, I was sorely tempted to just pick up that briefcase back there and walk.
Charlie Cutter: Yeah, you got a lousy poker face, mate.
Nathan Drake: Hey, trust me. That's nothing compared to what we're onto.
Victor Sullivan: Yeah, well, at my age a bird in the hand, you know?
Chloe Frazer: Eww...
Nathan Drake: [to Sully] Didn't I tell ya?
Victor Sullivan: Oh, please. Look, I just hope you're right about this.

[After opening a hidden entrance in the wall]
Victor Sullivan: Well abra-goddamn-cadabra...

Charlie Cutter: [talking about Chloe] She's the best driver in the business, you know.
Nathan Drake: So I've heard.

Charlie Cutter: Well, I think we agree this is more than a little weird.
Victor Sullivan: Who the hell drives their car underground?
Charlie Cutter: Oh, well, let me think. Someone who doesn't want to be followed. You know, it's just a guess.
Victor Sullivan: Smart ass.

Nathan Drake: We should be able to squeeze through here. I think.
Victor Sullivan: Lead on, Macduff.
Charlie Cutter: Oh for God's sake.
Victor Sullivan: What?
Charlie Cutter: Lay on. It's "Lay on, Macduff."
Victor Sullivan: (sighs)
Charlie Cutter: Can we hurry it along please, mate?
Victor Sullivan: You all right back there?
Charlie Cutter: Yeah, yeah... you know, just, just not keen on the old tight spaces, that's all.
Victor Sullivan: Just keep moving.
Charlie Cutter: (sighs with relief) Oh, thank God for that.
Nathan Drake: Who the hell is Macduff?
Charlie Cutter: Is there no bottom to your ignorance?

Chapter 5 - London Underground

Nathan Drake: Maybe we can get through here.
[They trying to lift an old elevator]
Charlie Cutter: No way we're moving that. 
Victor Sullivan: I don't think so.
Nathan Drake: Hey, wait. There's a counterweight up there. Looks like it's stuck. All right, one of us should climb up there, and see if they can dislodge it.
Victor Sullivan: Good idea. Guess who? [looking at Nate]
Charlie Cutter: (laughs)
Nathan Drake: Ah crap.

Agent: Hands up!
Charlie Cutter: Oh, hello, mate, we must've taken a wrong turn somewhere. 
Victor Sullivan: Yeah, is this King's Cross?
Agent: Don't move. 
Victor Sullivan: Hey, hey, you got us all wrong. We're from Cleveland.

[Nate, Sully & Charlie are in Marlowe's hideout]
Nathan Drake: Look at all this stuff. [Taps a random jar containing a preserved giant spider] Eugh.
Victor Sullivan: Nate, focus. We haven't got much time here.
Nathan Drake: Yeah...yeah. [Goes to test the cipher disk when he notices a familiar book on the table next to it]]
Victor Sullivan: What are you...
Nathan Drake: [After he flicks through a few pages] My god, do you know what this is?
Charlie Cutter: It's a book, mate. There's a lot of them in here; it's a library.
Nathan Drake: It's not just any book, wise-ass. Belonged to T.E. Lawrence, y'know, Lawrence of Arabia.
Charlie Cutter: Yes, yes, yes, I know who he is.
Nathan Drake: [Flicks through to find an old letter directed to or from Lawrence] This was mailed from Dorset on the day of his motorcycle accident, May 13th, 1935... They must've killed him once they got their hands on it.
Victor Sullivan: "They"?
Nathan Drake: Yeah, "they". They, them, whoever these people are.
Charlie Cutter: Oh, what a lot of rubbish. It was an accident.
Nathan Drake: Witnesses saw a black car run him off the road.
Victor Sullivan: Guys?
Charlie Cutter: Oh, oh what, so it was, like, a big cover-up?
Nathan Drake: Maybe.
Victor Sullivan: Nate!
Nathan Drake: What?
Victor Sullivan: That "thing" that you have been waiting twenty years for?
Nathan Drake: ...Right. [Puts down the book and slowly inserts the ring into the cipher disk, which predictably works] [chuckles] Ok... Here we go. [Starts to decipher code] L...O...H...D...N. ...Huh.
Charlie Cutter: What is it?
Nathan Drake: Ahh, it's... [Shows deciphered code] ..."Long Hidden".
Victor Sullivan: WHAT?!
Charlie Cutter: Shush.
Victor Sullivan: No shit, long hidden, are you kidding me?!
Charlie Cutter: [to Nate] No offence, mate, but your ancestor was a right asshole.
Nathan Drake: Would you shut up? It's an anagram. [Finishes anagram] "Golden Hind"... The Golden Hind!
Charlie Cutter: Drake's ship?
Nathan Drake: Yes. It's a clue. It's gotta be something hidden in this room. Alright, spread out, see what you can find.

Chapter 6 - The Chateau

[A rusted old car comes into view]
Nathan Drake: Look, Sully, your first car!
Victor Sullivan: Oh, man, that's a 1927 Auburn.
Nathan Drake: Yeah. What's this, Mr. Wizard?
Victor Sullivan: Lawn art.
Nathan Drake: Pretty tacky.

Nathan Drake: I bet I can climb up through that hole.
Victor Sullivan: I bet you can.
Nathan Drake: Let me guess. You're gonna sit tight, smoke a cigar again.
Victor Sullivan: Yeah.
Nathan Drake: All right, don't burn the place down.

[When Nate fails to solve the Semita Solis puzzle]
Victor Sullivan: This gonna take long? 'Cuz if it does, I'm going to smoke a cigar.
Nathan Drake: I'm doing my best, Sully.

Nathan Drake: Is that a popcorn machine?

[Upon discovering the secret entrance in John Dee's lab]
Nathan DrakeCrafty old bastard.
Victor SullivanWhy thank you.
Nathan DrakeNot you. John Dee.
Victor Sullivan: Oh.
Nathan DrakeWell, you're pretty crafty too.
Victor SullivanAnd old.

Chapter 7 - Stay in the Light

[After Nate & Sully escape the burning chateau]
Nathan Drake: Oh man, that was close, huh? You all right?
Victor Sullivan: Oh yeah, just swell.
[Nate offers to help Sully up.]
Nathan Drake: Here--
Victor Sullivan: Just...gimme a sec. You always seem to forget I've got twenty-five years on ya.
Nathan Drake: Ah, c'mon, Sully, you're strong as an ox.
Victor Sullivan: Anyway, what's the hurry? They think we're in that.
Nathan Drake: We almost were. Huh...
Victor Sullivan: I gotta say, I'm losing the plot here. Remind me again why we're doing this?
Nathan Drake: No, no, no, no, no. If you're gearing up for one of your "I'm too old for this" speeches, spare me.
Victor Sullivan: Nate, these guys are playing for keeps.
Nathan Drake: Yeah, so? What, you're just gonna roll over for 'em now?
Victor Sullivan: Nobody's talking about rolling over.
Nathan Drake: Then quit acting like you're ready to lay down and die, alright?
[Nate turns around]
Victor Sullivan: Listen, kid - I've had your back for twenty years. I'm not going anywhere, obviously. I just wanna make sure we're doing this for the right reasons. You've got your pride all tangled up in this thing. It's making you reckless. I taught you better than that. Gonna get yourself killed. [Helps himself up] Damn... Hell, probably get us all killed.
Nathan Drake: Oh no...
Victor Sullivan: What?
Nathan Drake: [Turns back around to face Sully] Cutter and Chloe. Sully, if we were followed...
Victor Sullivan: Ah, shit. Chances are they were, too.
Nathan Drake: We gotta warn them.
Victor Sullivan: Yeah, and get to Syria, fast. Sure hope you remember where you left the car, 'cause I am completely turned around.

Chapter 8 - The Citadel

Nathan Drake: What happened to you two? We've been trying to reach you for over 24 hours.
Charlie Cutter: Oh, right, I need to top up my minutes.
Nathan Drake: You're using a pre-paid phone?
Charlie Cutter: Mate, those contracts are a complete rip-off.
[Nate looks at Chloe]
Chloe Frazer: What? Mine's broken.
Nathan Drake: Again?!

Chapter 9 - The Middle Way

[After a drugged Cutter almost strangles Drake to death]
Charlie Cutter: Hold on a sec. You weren't... You weren't gonna shoot me, were ya mate?
Victor Sullivan: Like a rabid dog.
Charlie Cutter: Wow...

Victor Sullivan: No, no, I'm not turning my back on you just yet. After you.
Charlie Cutter: Oh, great... next thing I know you'll be putting that gun to the back of my head telling me about the rabbits.

Charlie Cutter: Where's my notebook?
Victor Sullivan: You gave it to Talbot, don't you remember?
Charlie Cutter: Wha? No I didn't.
Victor Sullivan: Yeah, your gun too.
Charlie Cutter: Ah, bollocks.

Chapter 10 - Historical Research

Elena Fisher: [to Nate and Sully] So what exactly are you two reprobates up to?
Nathan Drake: Just a little historical research.
Elena Fisher: Right. So that explains the big rush.
Nathan Drake: Exactly.
Elena Fisher: No cursed treasures?
Nathan Drake: Nope.
Elena Fisher: No diabolical warlords?
Nathan Drake: No.
Elena Fisher: You are the worst liar.
Nathan Drake: What?
Elena Fisher: You are.
Nathan Drake: Oh, come on, we're not going to start this are we?
Elena Fisher: Just...
Victor Sullivan: [interrupting conversation] Excuse me. The car, where is it?
Elena Fisher: It's over there.
Victor Sullivan: I'll just take the bags and meet you.
Elena Fisher: Nate...
Nathan Drake: [points to Elena's ring] You're still wearing it.
Elena Fisher: Yeah, I am. It helps in this part of the world.
Nathan Drake: Oh really?
Elena Fisher: Seriously, don't flatter yourself.
[Elena gestures to Nates necklace.]
Elena Fisher: I see you're still wearing yours.
Nathan Drake: What? Oh, oh. Yeah.
Elena Fisher: That's what this is all about, isn't it?
Nathan Drake: You don't understand. I finally proved it. Drake lied about his route through the East Indies. Four hundred years ago, he came here.
Elena Fisher: Why, Nate?
Nathan Drake: That's what we're here to find out.
Elena Fisher: No, I mean, why this obsession? I'm- I'm just worried-
Nathan Drake: I can take care of myself, all right.
Elena Fisher: I'm not talking about you.
Nathan Drake: What, Sully?
Elena Fisher: He would go to the ends of the earth for you, Nate. Just - don't ask him to.

Elena Fisher: Is somebody gonna fill me in here? Who were those guys, and what does Charlie have to do with all this?
Nathan Drake: He was working with us on this one.
Elena Fisher: Wait, "was"? He's not... dead?
Nathan Drake: No, no.
Victor Sullivan: Him and Chloe.
Elena Fisher: Chloe too?
Victor Sullivan: Yeah, but they both bowed out when Cutter broke his leg.
Elena Fisher: He broke his leg?
Victor Sullivan: He's lucky he didn't break his damn neck, a fall like that.
Nathan Drake: He's fine.
Victor Sullivan: 'Course between that and burning to death, I think I would've jumped too.
Nathan Drake: Not helping.

Victor Sullivan: Well, I'm not going down there without some hardware.
Elena Fisher: Go talk to that rug merchant we just passed.
Victor Sullivan: No - guns, weapons...
Elena Fisher: He's not really a rug merchant.
Victor Sullivan: Oh. Right.

Nathan Drake: C'mon admit it - you love all this as much as I do.
Elena Fisher: (sadly) No. No, not anymore.
Nathan Drake: Really? Oh. Okay, well, why don't you just, uh, walk away?
Elena Fisher: Oh me? Me walk away. (laughs) That's funny.
[Sully walks in]
Nathan Drake: Shotguns?
Victor Sullivan: Why not?
[Sully gives one shotgun to Elena and the other one keeps for himself]
Nathan Drake: What the-
Victor Sullivan: What? He only had two.
Nathan Drake: Great.

[Nate, Sully and Elena push open the grating off the well]
Victor Sullivan: Well, well, well-
Nathan Drake: Ha-ha. That's cute.
Elena Fisher: What?
Nathan Drake: Because it's... a well.

Chapter 11 - As Above, So Below

[Nate, Sully and Elena are going to descend into the well]
Elena Fisher: Okay, guys... Secret entrance to what? What's down there?
Nathan Drake: Only one way to find out.
Elena Fisher: Another non-answer.
Victor Sullivan: You expected something different?

[Nate have deciphered a message scratched on the wall that have been left by Sir Francis Drake]
Nathan Drake: "The moon will show the way."
Victor Sullivan: The moon? Down here? Ha! I am not hanging around this place 'til night time.
Nathan Drake: I'm pretty sure it's a riddle. I'll make a note of it on the map.
[He makes a note of it on the back of the map.]
Elena Fisher: You're gonna mark up Sir Francis' 400-year-old map?
Nathan Drake: What? He wouldn't mind.

Elena Fisher: Any ideas yet?
Nathan Drake: Well, he marked three of the pillars, so i'm guessing we have to pull those three levers.
Elena Fisher: At the same time? I'm not putting my hand into any of those holes.

[When Nate reaches into one of the holes]
Nathan Drake: Eugh. Aight something touched my hand.

[When Nate reaches into one of the holes, and gets hurt]
Elena Fisher: Hey, don't just stick your han- Too late.

[They must stick their arms into three holes and pull three levers at the same time.]
Victor Sullivan: Yeah, I kind of like this arm, Nate. I use it all the time.

[Pulling the levers opens a door]
Elena Fisher: Okay, so why the big secret all these centuries? What did Elizabeth expect Drake to find?
Nathan Drake: We don't know exactly. Treasure, I guess.
Elena Fisher: What else?
Victor Sullivan: The buried riches of a lost civilisation.
Elena Fisher: 'Course it's never that simple, is it?
Victor Sullivan: Rarely.
Elena Fisher: And those assholes in the black suits- They're looking for the same thing, I suppose?
Victor Sullivan: Yep, they're Marlowe's men.

[They enter a puzzle chamber]
Elena Fisher: Okay, all the floating body parts? This is giving me the creeps.

Elena Fisher: Are you so sure that it's treasure they're after?
Nathan Drake: Not really sure, no...

Elena Fisher: Okay, so Nate... Did Francis ever find that lost city that he was looking for?
Nathan Drake: Don't think so... Seems like he only came this far, then turned back and headed home.
Elena Fisher: ...and concealed everything about this little detour?
Nathan Drake: Yeah...
Elena Fisher: Have you stopped to ask yourself why?
Nathan Drake: What do you mean?
Elena Fisher: I don't know... this whole place just seems like some kind of a... a warning to me, that's all.

[Nate lights the brazier in the final room, revealing the star map to Iram]
Victor Sullivan: Well I'll be go to hell...
Elena Fisher: Whoa...
Nathan Drake: "As above, so below..." Sully, this is some kind of celestial map.
Victor Sullivan: It makes sense. The Arabs used the stars to navigate the desert just like sailors on the ocean.
Nathan Drake: That's right. So you could use these constellations to find the site of the lost city?
Victor Sullivan: If I had a sextant, sure. I didn't do all that time in the Navy for nothing, y'know.
Nathan Drake: And here I thought you spent the whole time looking for that basket act.
Elena Fisher: The what?
Victor Sullivan: Ahh, never mind.
Nathan Drake: Hey, you think you could remember this?
Victor Sullivan: Well, yeah - but we oughta copy it down, don'tcha think?
Nathan Drake: No, I really don't recommend that.
Elena Fisher: Hey guys, look at this...
[They turn, to see screaming faces and reaching hands carved into the walls.]
Nathan Drake: Well, that's, uh... cheery.
[A loud skittering sound can be heard.]
Elena Fisher: Do you hear that?
Nathan Drake: Uh-oh.
Victor Sullivan: Oh, no.
Elena Fisher: Wait - what is that?
Nathan Drake: Get away from the walls.
[The walls are now crawling with spiders. Turning, they see a wave of the things pouring through the door.]
Victor Sullivan: Hold onto that torch, kid.
Nathan Drake: Oh, crap!
Elena Fisher: Oh, no, no...

[Nate, Sully and Elena escape the spiders and return to the entrance chamber, the door closing behind them]
Victor Sullivan: Oh man. [Throws torch away] I've had more than enough of those damn things.
Elena Fisher: Wait - you knew about them? You were planning on telling me, right?
Nathan Drake: Hey - look at this...
[Sully and Elena turn, and see words written on the walls, now lit by fires.]
Nathan Drake: [Reading] "Let not the world deceive thee with it's beauty" "It is the dream of a dreamer, a mirage of the desert"
Victor Sullivan: [Reading] "Cup of death will be filled for thee" Lovely. It's all in English.
Nathan Drake: Yeah - it must've been Drake.
Elena Fisher: Okay, so, let me get this straight - Drake sails thousands of miles looking for this "Atlantis of the Sands", and when he gets this far - what he finds here is enough to make him turn around, sail home, and hide all evidence of his voyage.
Nathan Drake: Right...
Elena Fisher: But you - you're going to keep going, aren't you?
Nathan Drake: Uh, yeah.
Elena Fisher: And for what? For treasure? Sully, he listens to you. Please make him stop.
Nathan Drake: Yes, Sully, please, tackle me. [Both laugh].
Elena Fisher: What is wrong with you two?
Nathan Drake: Elena, c'mon - we're just joking around.
Elena Fisher: Listen - you've won, okay? You've outsmarted her. You know where to find the city, and Marlowe doesn't. Why can't that be enough?

Nathan Drake: What the hell? Get away from me! Get away!
Talbot: Easy now.
Nathan Drake: Oh God... Oh God...
Talbot: Stay calm. Come with me.
Nathan Drake: Don't - don't touch me.
Talbot: Drake. Marlowe's waiting.
Nathan Drake: No no no no...
Talbot: It will all be over soon.
Nathan Drake: No... no...
Talbot: Relax. Trust me.
Nathan Drake: I'm sorry.
Talbot: Shhh.
Nathan Drake: Sully?
Talbot: Sully's not here, Drake. You're on your own now.
Nathan Drake: Sully knows.
Talbot: Trust us. Follow me.
Nathan Drake: No! I won't go!
Talbot: Don't resist.
Nathan Drake: Where is this?
Talbot: You're with us. Just listen to me. You know what we want.
Nathan Drake: Don't don't let them... don't let them...
Talbot: I won't let them hurt you.
Nathan Drake: Damn it! Please...
Talbot: Where is it?
Nathan Drake: I don't know.
Talbot: Give them to us.
Nathan Drake: I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.
Talbot: Good.
Nathan Drake: Damn it I don't know I don't know... Please! I don't know!

Nathan Drake: Skip the mind games. You don't know me.
Katherine Marlowe: In fact. I suspect I know you better than anyone, Mr. Drake. Of course, that's not your real name, is it? - but we wont dwell on that. [Reading] Mother commits suicide. Father surrenders son to the state at the age of five.
[Nathan's face saddens]
Katherine Marlowe: Entrusted to the St. Francis Boys Home. (laughs) It's all so Dickensian. Oh…
[They both see a picture of Elena in Nate's file.]
Katherine Marlowe: Don't worry. She's of no interest to us. Unless of course…
[Marlowe puts a hand on Nate's arm]
Katherine Marlowe: … we need to apply a little pressure.

[Talking about Sully]
Katherine MarloweIt seems your loyalty isn't as firm as you like to think it is... what about his?
Nathan DrakeWhat? Wait - what are you trying to pull?
Katherine MarloweNothing! It's just that - well, we've had you 'in our clutches' for quite some time now, and he hasn't exactly mounted a rescue... he didn't 'rescue' you back in Cartagena either. He just saw something he could exploit.
Nathan Drake: I know what you're trying to do.
Katherine MarloweTrust me - Victor is only ever in it for Victor. It's a cold, hard fact! I discovered it twenty years ago. I'm surprised it's taken you this long to figure it out!
Nathan DrakeYou're wasting your time, lady.
Katherine MarloweFair enough. But ask yourself: when he scooped you off the streets of Columbia twenty years ago, did he save you from that life... or did he just doom you to this one?

Nathan Drake: [to Talbot, while chasing him] Come on, Talbot, this is getting old!

The smart guy : Come on Magic man.

Chapter 12 - Abducted

Rameses: You insult me.
Nathan Drake: You're a pirate!
Rameses: And a good business man! Give me some respect!


These are quotes characters say when a player kills an enemy or when playing as them online.

Harry Flynn: [kill] Take this!
Harry Flynn: [kill] Take that, Shitface!
Harry Flynn: [kill] How you like me now, eh?
Harry Flynn: [kill] How you like that, eh?
Harry Flynn: [kill] Haha, in yo face!
Harry Flynn: [kill] Yes, got him!
Harry Flynn: [kill] Yeah mate, you've been Flynned!
Harry Flynn: [kill] I don't think so!
Harry Flynn: [kill] Goodbye Amigos!
Harry Flynn: [kill] See ya! Oh wait you're dead, so i guess i won't!
Harry Flynn: [kill] You've been Flynned!
Harry Flynn: [kill] I call it a Flynninomite!
Harry Flynn: [kill] That's what you get, when you get in Harry Flynns face!
Harry Flynn: [kill] Take that and that and that!
Harry Flynn: [killstreak] I'm on fire!
Harry Flynn: [killstreak] I'm on a roll!
Harry Flynn: [killstreak] I am unstoppable!
Harry Flynn: [taking damage from an explosion] Urgh! Son of a... bitch that hurts!
Harry Flynn: [throwing grenade] Incoming!
Harry Flynn: [throwing grenade] Have some of this!
Harry Flynn: [throwing grenade] See ya!
Harry Flynn: [picking up a gun] Now that's what I'm talking about!
Harry Flynn: [grenade lands nearby] OH NO, OH NO!

Reveal trailer

[Nathan Drake reads from T. E. Lawrence's "Seven Pillars of Wisdom"]
Nathan Drake: "All men dream - but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity... But the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible. This I did."
Victor Sullivan: Uh-huh. Well, that's all real pretty but, what the hell is it mean in English?
Nathan Drake: It means, be careful what you wish for. It might just get you. [He slams the book shut]

[Scene shifts back to the desert. Drake looks around.]

Nathan Drake: (sighs) Perfect.

[Drake starts walking. Then the title shows up, with 5 different scenes from the game being shown while being turned around to form "11-1-11".]

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