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Amber and Silver Necklace

Drake finding a treasure in Chapter 10 of Uncharted 3.

This page is a list of the 101 treasures that appear in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.  The treasures are in the order they can be found.

Chapter 1 - Another Round

Chapter 2 - Greatness from Small Beginnings

Chapter 3 - Second-Story Work

Chapter 4 - Run to Ground

Chapter 5 - London Underground

Chapter 6 - The Chateau

Chapter 7 - Stay in the Light

Chapter 8 - The Citadel

Chapter 9 - The Middle Way

Chapter 10 - Historical Research

Chapter 11 - As Above, So Below

Chapter 12 - Abducted

Chapter 13 - Rough Seas

Chapter 14 - Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

Chapter 15 - Sink or Swim

Chapter 16 - One Shot at This

Chapter 18 - Rub' al Khali

Chapter 19 - The Settlement

Chapter 21 - The Atlantis of the Sands

Chapter 22 - The Dreamers of the Day

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