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Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception consists of 36 cutscenes.

List of Cutscenes

  1. Dangerous Men
  2. Beat Down
  3. Small Beginnings
  4. A Long Way From Home
  5. What Ring?
  6. Onto Something Big
  7. Meeting Chloe
  8. Vanished
  9. Abra-Goddamn-Cadabra
  10. Duped
  11. Long Hidden
  12. Immeasurable Wealth
  13. Trapped by Talbot
  14. Narrow Escape
  15. As Above, So Below
  16. Cutter Gets Dosed
  17. Like a Rabid Dog
  18. Standoff
  19. Marlowe's Revenge
  20. Historical Research
  21. Tailing Talbot
  22. A Celestial Map
  23. Handwriting on the Wall
  24. Drugged
  25. Mind Games
  26. In Enemy Hands
  27. Trapped in the Hold
  28. Drake Returns
  29. A Million to One Shot
  30. The Rub'al Khali
  31. The Oasis
  32. A Hell of a Thing
  33. It's the Water
  34. The Vessel of Brass
  35. Nothing to Prove
  36. Something Better

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