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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune consists of 36 cutscenes.

List of Cutscenes

  1. Grave Robbing
  2. Onto Something Big
  3. Dead End?
  4. Picked Clean
  5. The Golden Man
  6. A Surprising Find
  7. The Coin
  8. UK2642
  9. Time's Up
  10. Whoa There, Cowboy
  11. Uncharted Island
  12. The Wreckage
  13. Buka Pintu
  14. That Looks Familiar
  15. Jailbreak
  16. Out of Road
  17. Our Ticket Outta Here
  18. Sic Parvis Magna
  19. Harbour View
  20. You Need to See This
  21. The Bridge
  22. Who Made This?
  23. Dead Man Talking
  24. Awkward Reunion
  25. Watch Your Head
  26. Eavesdropping
  27. Passage to the Vault
  28. Drake's End
  29. Hello, Boys
  30. Don't Mess With Eddy Raja
  31. Where Are We?
  32. Last Testament
  33. Hostage Situation
  34. El Goddamn Dorado
  35. Helicopter Ride
  36. The End

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