Im wondering what you guys think about my theory that Drake and family will meet with our main characters in the new DLC during their latest trip. Will a cameo ensue? Story Chapter? Leave your ideas down here! Unsigned comment by User:Hidayet123

I'm skeptical that this will happen. I'm definitely positive Nate and Elena would be nowhere near that warzone shown from the reveal trailer. I also have a feeling (according to your other post), that The Lost Legacy will not take place at the same time as the Epilogue of Uncharted 4. If it did, then Chloe and Nadine would look much older than they do in the trailers for the game. Therefore, I don't think Nate's family would be involved in the game or any of its events. I'm more inclined to think that Sam and Sully would make a cameo in The Lost Legacy, but even that I'm still skeptical of. Apologies if I burst any excitement of yours. {{SUBST:Sig/3RDRANGER}} 04:39, May 5, 2017 (UTC)

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