Uncharted Theme
Uncharted Drake's Fortune Original Soundtrack
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune OST

Featured in

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune




Greg Edmonson




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Uncharted: The El Dorado Megamix

Uncharted Theme is a musical piece featured in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. It was composed by Greg Edmonson and was released on the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Original Soundtrack. Like Nate's Theme, it is a recurring motif throughout the series: In Uncharted 2 it can be heard on the tracks "A Rock and a Hard Place" and "Warzone"; in Uncharted 3 it can be heard during "Reckless" and "Marlowe, I Presume." In Golden Abyss, it incorporates itself into "In Search of the Sete Cidades." It also plays as ambient music during the jungle sequences of Drake's Fortune, Among Thieves, and Golden Abyss.

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