Nathan Drake pursued by foes, while driving a Toyota

These are a series of short adverts that are showing off a Toyota 4Runner in partnership with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. There are two of them both with Nathan Drake in and one with Elena Fisher. They focus heavily on the Toyota helping the pair with their Fortune hunting. The adverts are around 50 seconds long each.


Cartoon Drake
Nathan Drake:

He is one of the main characters of the adverts. He appears, driving the Toyota, driving the goons off the cliff and running away with the treasure. He appears in both of the two adverts. He captures the idol in 'Jungle Run' and is escaping from the henchmen in 'The Chase'.

Cartoon Elena

Elena Fisher:

She is one of the main characters of the adverts. She is only seen in the last one of the two, saving Nate from henchmen as he tries to escape with their golden idol. She drops a rope from the car, pulls him up and they drive into the distance together in their Toyota.

Toyota man

The Toyota:

The hero of the adverts, Elena and Nate's Toyota, it is seen in both aiding of them in their business of Fortune Hunting. It saves Nathan Drake twice in the adverts, the second aided by Elena. It appears red in the adverts though the buyer can choose a selection of colours. The colour choice would appear to be Elena and Nate's.

The Chase

This is one of the two adverts. You see Nathan Drake being chased along a rocky cliff. He first emeges from the grasses and onto the dirt road. He enemies are hot on his heels. He has an idea and uses the Toyota to spray dirt on the bad guys windshields. He then turns sharply, managing to steer his pursuers of the edge of the cliff to their deaths. He rolls up the window and drives off into the distance, down the mountain, as the slogan appears: 'You in?' after the phrase, 'Fortune Favours the Bold'.

The Jungle Run

This one features both Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher. They work together to secure a golden Idol. It starts with Nathan Drake running through the forest with an idol slung across his back. You see his pursuers, 3 men, one bearing a resemblance to Indiana Jones. He is cornered at a cliff. Just as he seems to be captured a rope appears, dropped by Elena from the Toyota above. He grabs the rope and pulls himself up. He and Elena secure the Idol in the back of the vehicle and drive off through the jungle together. The slogan, 'You in?' appears after the phrase, 'Fortune Favours the Bold'.

References (The Chase) (The Jungle Run)

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