Hello fellow Editers

I don't know if anyone would actually read this (or care) but I thought I would give you a head-up on some long-term projects Ihave plan for this wiki:

1) I'm planning to make a new pages for all the main character in the uncharted series which only focus on images.(E.G: Nathan Drake/Gallery)

I feel that this would be better as some of pages are quite long so making a new page just for images related to the character will work. I would tag the character gallery page to the main page of  that character so folks know where the images went. Also doing this give more freedom in more variety of related photos of the character.

2) Planning to make more specific infoboxes

I feel that we need more specific infoboxes as a lot of them have unused info for the item it using. I have done this with uncharted 4 maps already and I'm to carry on!

So there are my plans .. Any queries for any reason just give me a message!

Have fun uncharting!


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