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  • Hallowseve97

    Greetings, everyone! I have made my triumphant return following many years of absence. In this blog, I'll be listing the lack of skins featured in the multiplayer. You can add me at Hallowseve97 if you're interested in playing with me.

    I am in no way bashing the game, I really loved the campaign and the multiplayer is a blast. I just wish their were a few more skin options. What I mean by skins, is other characters. However, I will delve into a few missing costumes for current skins at a much later date.

    NOTE: Upon the addition of a new skin, I will add them to the main list.

    Without further ado, please enjoy this blog. Don't be afraid to comment and suggest skins I maybe missed out on.

    • Nathan Drake
    • Sam Drake
    • Victor Sullivan
    • Elena Fisher
    • Charlie Cut…

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  • Hallowseve97

    TreatTheSickness did one for Uncharted 2. Well, I'm doing one for Uncharted 3. Please post:

    • Skin Ideas
    • Customization ideas
    • Map Ideas

    For me is below. I'll add more to comments once I get replies.

    Just about every humanoid character/creature we have ever seen in the franchise: Rika Raja, other antagonist faction skins. UGA skins, Fourth Labyrinth skins.

    I'd like to see more customization.

    For faces, give us the large thug faces and give us Yemen/Colombian faces.

    I'd also enjoy some hairstyles seen throughout the series. I'd like to have eye color options too.

    Any missing map throughout series, (Dry Docks, London Streets, Beach Bar, ect.)

    Classic version of U2 maps.

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  • Hallowseve97

    What I don't Like...

    December 27, 2011 by Hallowseve97

    I know this is really random and that I should just say this in the Chat on the wikia but...

    Does anybody dislike the fact that Naughty Dog kills off all it's villains? In my honest opinion I hate it.

    You may truly hate some villains and never want to see them again, well here's my pros about it. This is all I can think.

    • Talbot - I hated his guts and wanted him dead at the beginning of the game. But he is very well developed, unlike some characters. It made me hope for his return.
    • Katherine Marlowe - I hated her guts also, but she just deserved to die. I disliked her character ever since the E3 Trailer and hated her in the child flashback. I feel like she doesn't need to make a return.

    Anyway the part I dislike. When you kill off a villain it m…

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  • Hallowseve97

    Character Revamps

    November 6, 2011 by Hallowseve97

    I realized Character Revamps haven't been very active. I thank you Ren and everybody else who contributed to Talbot and Rameses's page. We need to get back to work. I've been trying to find good, full body images for all characters, whether it's rendered or not.

    In order for great pictures of the characters (Full body; head to toe) we need people taking screenshots in Machinima Mode. The background for the character should look like where you fought or encountered them in-game in the game. Example: If you get an Uncharted 3 Lazarevic image put his background as the rocks in Chateau map.

    Please I really have fun doing this! Below are completed pages. Unfortunately I don't have my U3 copy yet but I'd like to do Charlie Cutter's page.

    • Nathan Drake…

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  • Hallowseve97

    I've came to discuss my ideas about Uncharted 3 MP. Maps first, skins last. May take a few days to finish. Comment for questions. NOTE! SOME OF THESE ARE IDEAS AND UNCONFIRMED!

    They should be separated by title (Such as UDF Maps, UAT Maps and UDD Maps, ect.)

    • Fort (Based on Chapter 5)
    • Flooded Ruins (Based on Chapter 8)
    • Facility (Based on Chapter 18)
    • Molten Ruins (Revamped map based on Chapter 8)
    • Frozen Facility (Revamped map based on Chapter 18)
    • Amazon Rainforest (Based on Chapter 2 & 3)
    • Hangar (Based on PAX Chapter)
    • Drowned City (Water-combat map based on Chapter 8)
    • Dome River (Based on Chapter 11)
    • Monastery (Based on Chapter 13)
    • Treasure Vault (Based on Chapter 16)
    • Bunker (Dark map based on Chapter 18)
    • Cargo Ship (Based on Chapter 22)
    • Docks (Based on scene from Chap…

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