I realized Character Revamps haven't been very active. I thank you Ren and everybody else who contributed to Talbot and Rameses's page. We need to get back to work. I've been trying to find good, full body images for all characters, whether it's rendered or not.

In order for great pictures of the characters (Full body; head to toe) we need people taking screenshots in Machinima Mode. The background for the character should look like where you fought or encountered them in-game in the game. Example: If you get an Uncharted 3 Lazarevic image put his background as the rocks in Chateau map.

Please I really have fun doing this! Below are completed pages. Unfortunately I don't have my U3 copy yet but I'd like to do Charlie Cutter's page.

Completed Pages

If you want a well put list of Uncharted characters (Main ones due to no pictures for novel) go to this page User:Hallowseve15/ List of Uncharted Series Characters

Please help! many thanks to those who have.

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