I have a wikia named Fictional Races Wiki and I need to know how to change the background. I want a black black background with page links being light blue. Please help!

Here's the link.

I made this wiki about half a year ago since I was into World of Warcraft. I do not play it anymore but research about it. This wiki in it's early days was terrible I had no "Infobox Race" template and each race had about 2-6 sentences on the page that was not even referenced in other games (Like I had "Hyrule" referred to as "a field"). I do not have any contributors yet and this site when typed in on Google or Yahoo does not pop up. I want it to inform people about different races from different series. I do not want races from "Mario", "Pikmin" or "Infamous" I just want it to be based on medieval races :)

It has an "Infobox Race template"

Includes Race Categories and has a little over 100 pages!

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