A person on the forums found a very interesting find.

His quote:

"So as you've seen some unfinished Matchmaking Icons from the beta have been found, and one of them is Co op Monastery. So initially I thought it would just be a UDF co op mission as its the exact monastery from UDF, but then I realized that I doubt they would make all those textures and what not just for a co op mission when they have the full game to worry about. UDF was focused heavily around Francis Drake and the Ring, I think its pretty safe to say that drake will return to the Island in UDF to discover more secrets about Drake, etc." - JDxc23

What do you think this is?

  • A new Multiplayer Map?
  • A Co-Op Match?
  • A single player return?

I really hope it's a single player return cause this could solve the Eddy Raja theory. And you know I'm the biggest Eddy Raja fan!


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