All Compet update

February 24th 2011

With "RPG-7s only" being used in The Lab this weekend, we were left wondering why a playlist that already appears in the game would be used. Now we know. This weekend marks a change to the "All Competitive Modes" playlist that will see the complete removal of "RPG-7s only" and "Snipers and Pistole" gametypes. In their place will be added former Lab playlists "No Power Weapons" and "Desert-5 Shootout."

The lineup for ACM in from now on will be:

  • Chain Reaction
  • Plunder
  • Turf War
  • King of the Hill
  • Pistols & Grenades
  • No Power Weapons
  • Desert - 5 Shootout

So be sure to get in as much RPG-7 fun as you can this weekend and send the playlist off with a bang. (Yeah, we went for that pun.)

Naughty Dog have also hinted at future playlist updates, so let us know what you think of this update by commenting below.

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