March 18th 2011

Why is your display different now?! Don't worry. It will change back when you leave this page. Read on for details.

Back in November, Wikia introduced a mandatory new skin for all Wikia Wikis. This skin is currently the norm for all unregistered editors and, up until now, for all registered editors. However, today, we are pleased to unveil our shiny new skin, called "Monobook".

Well, technically, Monobook is not new. It's been here for years. It just was never properly designed, so viewing the wiki in it was next to impossible. But now, after some hard behind the scenes design work, you can finally use the skin as an alternative to the current one. If you want to preview any page in Monobook, then simply click the Monobook button under the Uncharted wiki logo. If you want to permanently set it as your skin, then you'll have to create an account (it's 100% free) and set it in your preferences. Keep in mind that this will change your skin to Monobook across all wikis. But don't worry, many have already adopted Monobook as their go to skin.

One final thing to note is that Monobook IS NOT supported by Wikia. This means that all newly released content from Wikia will not work properly in the skin. That said, we will do our best here to integrate it as best as possible, or give you an easy walk-around solution.

One notable example is the news image slider on the homepage. You'll notice that in Monobook, the "Read more" button is gone. You can still read the articles however, as all you have to do is click on the image.

Let us know what you think of Monobook (and how it can be improved) by commenting below.

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