Nolan North interview

March 6th 2011

Nolan North was interviewed by The Gaming Liberty. In the interview he gave us some insights into his role as Nathan Drake along with some info on the upcoming Uncharted Portable and Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

Very briefly, he has revealed that Graham McTavish (aka Zoran Lazarevic) will be returning to play a new role in Uncharted 3. Also, he has said that he will be playing Nate in Uncharted Portable, lending both voice acting talents and motion capture work for the character. He also revealed that Nathan Drake is an orphan.

We recommend you read the full interview here, or check out some of the game related highlights below.

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TGL: I don’t want to press you too much on Uncharted 3 but can you tell us something we don’t already know?

NN: What a lot of people don’t understand is that we don’t have a script from beginning to end when we start. Amy has an outline in her head and that where it stays. There’s nothing for me to tell you. We don’t really have spoilers. I don’t know where the story is going. The one thing is that Graham McTavish (Lazarevic-Uncharted 2) is back as a different character. Lazarevic is dead but because Graham is such a pro, there was a character that Amy had in mind and it’s him this time. It’s in Graham’s accent. You won’t know its Lazarevic. It’s him and he’s fantastic. The thing about it is, Graham has been cast in Peter Jackson’s ‘The Hobbit’ as Dwalin and he’s on location shooting in New Zealand. This was happening during our mo-cap. So logistically our shooting schedule has been nightmarish at times. In fact, Peter Jackson had an ulcer and had to take some time off so Graham has actually just flown back last week. So our schedule had changed and Amy has to change the story because we weren’t going to have Graham all the time but now that Graham is here, Amy has redirected it and we’re going to shoot a bunch of stuff. Ultimately it will get where it has to go. But we don’t have a 120 page script that we’re going through. We do scenes at a time. That’s where it’s going and I think that’s one of the elements that makes it so good. Amy will write the scripts with Justin Richards the gameplay director and they will collaborate because maybe they’ll have a cool new move that Drake can do. They might come up with a cool concept where the programmers say, we can make him to this and they’ll go to Amy and ask her to fit it into the story because they’re on to a really cool thing. She always knows where she’s going with it. She’s such a good director and she has the ability to help it meander along the way it has to in terms of gameplay and story. It’s a fantastic marriage.

TGL: Uncharted 3 isn’t the only Uncharted making headlines at the moment. Uncharted was recently announced for the next PSP, the NGP. Are you working on that at the moment too?

NN: Yes, we are. We’ve been doing the motion capture for a lot of it, for cinematics and gameplay. It’s been announced for the next handheld and why not? Uncharted has becoming something of a flagship for Sony and with any new hardware you want to have the top title there. The game has been put on the shoulders of Sony Bend to make the game. We have a great writer, John Garvin, who is handling the story and we have sat down and really tried to get the same kind of atmosphere for it. With did a casting for that one as well and that went incredibly well and we have some really good people on it. It should be really interesting. It’s different. It’s a much more aggressive shooting schedule because there’s certain type elements they have to do. Seeing as it’s not on the PS3, it’s slightly different. We’ll do a full day instead of a half day and then we’ll do motion capture on back to back days and capture a ton of material. They can’t borrow anything from the PS3, the data is different. But it’s very exciting and great to be able to play Drake again. I can’t tell you how much fun it is. As a guy who has had so many jobs in his life that weren’t fun, this is fantastic.

TGL: Can I ask you about the Uncharted Movie? Any thoughts on it and David O.Russell and Mark Wahlberg’s involvement?

NN: I don’t know much about it. But what I do know is nothing you can’t be read online. All I can give you is my opinion on things. David O.Russell has been contracted to write the script. Given his success with ‘The Fighter’, that’ll either be good or bad for the Uncharted film. I don’t know? He’s very close with Mark Wahlberg, he has been since they made ‘Three Kings’ together and there’s talk that he wants to put De Niro and Pesci back together as Nathan’s father and uncle. That’s awkward because Nathan’s an orphan. So that’s a little strange. People are calling me all the time and asking me “so why don’t you play Drake?”. I was told that there was a meeting at Sony about that and while everyone knows I could do it and deliver that performance, why couldn’t I? Drake is me. It’s just I’m not a movie star. I don’t have a big enough name. The way the film business works, you need financing and investors in place and foreign investors aren’t going to invest in Nolan North. They’re going to invest in Mark Wahlberg. That’s just the way the business goes.

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