8th March 2011

Today, an Uncharted 3 cutscene was shown, revealing the games primary villain, Katherine Marlowe. According to lead designer Richard Lemarchand, "This cinematic reveals a little bit of the story through a relatively early sequence where we meet a woman called Katherine Marlowe, the villain of the piece. She's something of a more cerebral villain than we have had in the past. I am delighted by her being a Brit, of course." 450px|right Marlowe is voiced (and motion captured) by English actress Rosalind Ayres. According to Lemarchand, "We are extremely lucky to be working with her. She has brought an tremendous amount to this character. At Naughty Dog, we feel that a big part of the success of the Uncharted games is due to the effort that we put into our performance capture process where we work with the actors, improvising scenes with them and very often some of the best lines come straight from the actors, the things they invent while we are rehearsing with them and Ros has been fantastic in helping us in developing Marlowe's character."

Lemarchand goes on to say that the cutscene "is sort of the setup and a beginning of the unfolding of the adventure. Marlowe is the head of an order whose history reaches back 400 years to the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First. Of course, there is a connection there for us in the world of Uncharted to Sir Francis Drake, who Drake claims is his distant ancestor. And the order are connected to Queen Elizabeth's court of advisors who include the famous occultist John Dee, who is really Britain's first spy master. He used to sign his letters to the queen "007". The two zeroes represented his eyes on the world on her behalf.

Marlowe "is kind of a more insidious villain than we have had before in Uncharted," he says. "She uses every psychological and physical tactic at her disposal and really is someone who uses fear as a weapon to get what she wants in the world."

"They are both contending for the ring which connects our Drake to Sir Francis Drake. Sir Francis Drake's ring is featured in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. And they both believe they have a claim of ownership for it. And really the ring is what propels them on this adventure that leads them all around the world and finally ends up in the heart of the desert on the Arabian peninsula.

Don't forget to comment below and tell us what you think of Katherine Marlowe, and Nathan Drake wearing a suit!

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