An in-depth Uncharted 3 interview with Evan Wells, Christophe Balestra, Amy Hennig and Justin Richmond has appeared in edge magazine, and we've got the main details of the interview summarised below.

To start with, the Naughty Dog panel discussed the role of the villain in the game, saying that Hennig was pushing for a Ben Linus type villain "who's going to mess with your mind. [He's] not going to attack you outright, which is partly where the name comes from: Deception."

As for characters, Wells says, "Rest assured that some of the characters from past games will. Female characters are an important part of the pulp genre and you can count on Drake being tangled up in some new an interesting ways with the women he comes across." He continues, "The most important relationship is the one between Drake and Sully. We want to explain more about how they wound up in the father/son like relationship and how far that bond extends.”

Moving on to gameplay, Evan Wells said, "we want to pace the game well for everyone, which usually means starting off with a bang... Drake is certainly going to find himself in some crazy situations, but we're also going to have important breaks in the action that will give players a chance to catch their breath." Richmond then added, "we know something's going to be free-roaming, we know to make sure there are enough interest points." Wells said that they want to move the action medium beyond "two car chases, an exploding helicopter, etc." It was also suggested that the game will have just as many boss battles as Uncharted 2.

When asked about killing a main character, Hennig said, "If it was the right thing to do for the story or franchise then yeah, we'd do that," but to keep in mind that Uncharted is not just about drama, but about "romantic comedy" and "screwball comedy" also.

In a brief discussion about multiplayer, the said that it will be a "massive component" with "huge improvements to the Cinema Mode coming down the pipe."

Full details here Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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