21 April 2011

With The Lab due to open tomorrow, one question is on all of our lips. "What the f**k is wrong with the PSN?" Sony have told us that it may be a further two days before everything is sorted out.

Despite this, Naughty Dog have told us that the show will go on and The Lab will launch this weekend, although what day depends on when the PSN is up and running again. So, get your Launch Man or Sure Foot boosters at the ready for a weekend of M32-Hammers only. Triple cash is also running for the duration of the playlist across all gametypes.

The playlist runs on the following maps:

And all of you sneaky Chain Reaction boosters (aka easy Five Not Alives) will have to play properly this weekend as the gametype is being removed from the All Competitive Modes playlist.

Seeing as login and commenting is currently unavailable on Naughty Dog's blog you can comment below and leave your views about the playlist and triple cash.

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