Well, it's finally ready. The Uncharted wiki's new look is here, and we hope you like it. Moments like this usually call for a big speech, but I'll spare you all that. I will mention that today marks the third anniversary of the Uncharted wiki which was founded on the 21st of January 2008.

Below are details of what's changed, and a list of who made it all possible. Remember, this is a new system, so if you find any bugs, let us know by commenting on this blog post. Also, the new look isn't 100% finished yet. We'll still be tweaking it a bit over the coming days. Keep in mind, that as more Uncharted 3 media becomes available, it will be updated.

Wiki design

A big thanks to JaKhris for our new design, he took care of everything from the background image to the logo, right down to the tiny details like textlink colours. Check out his Naughty Dog fansite:


You'll have noticed the new homepage, with a new navigation system. The homepage is based around an amazing template designed by and used with the permission of Wikia user Tierrie. If it wasn't for his design, the new homepage wouldn't have happened.


We have some new externally hosted forums located here which feature a whole bunch of extras. You can add polls to your posts, and take part in a flash game arcade to get to the top of the forum leaderboard.


Every user here gets a free user blog. Post about Uncharted, your hopes for future games/dlc, anything really.


The navbar with the dropdown menus to the right of the Uncharted wiki logos has been updated.

Technical issues

Some annoying bugs have been fixed.

Final word

Ok. I'll do a mini speech. Thanks to everyone that has made the Uncharted wiki what it is. We receive an amazing 25,000+ visitors a month, and we have over 300 pages of Uncharted content, making us not only one of the largest, but also one of the oldest functioning Uncharted fansites out there.

Thank you all for making it possible.

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