Yesterday I was browsing GameFAQs for wiki information when I decided to read the daily Top 10, titled "The Top 10 (Mostly) Self-Imposed Challenges". I read on, and find Uncharted 2 in the eight spot. The page mentions about playing through the entire story with the No Gravity tweak on. That said, I decided to play in such a way. I had some problems here and there, ie. guards being alerted by drifting bodies in Breaking and Entering, however I eventually managed to overcome them all.

As I'm writing this, I've reached Chapter 24, and I'm almost at the end of my journey. Worthy mention goes to that damned bridge before the sanctuary entrance: shotgunners, soldiers and armored troopers alike advanced through the bridge like an unstoppable wave of death, with me being stuck in a seemingly eternal cycle of respawning. Several tries later, I managed to push through and enter the second building, where I'm greeted by two mooks and another damned Dragan. A few more tries, and I blow off Dragan's helmet; I rush towards him to melee him like a man in retaliation for my suffering, only to kill him point-blank with a Pistole. Merda.

Right now, I'm at the sanctuary's courtyard. Five SVD rounds, 3 Beretta magazines. Time to make them count.

EDIT: Oh, hell yes. Mission accomplished.

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