(Posting this here because PS community is down)

Today my PS3 has finally gone kaput. Not quite completely kaput, but it might as well have. Here's the story:

When on the PS browser (computer is often taken), I often encounter freezes. These mean I have to soft reset to escape the browser. After doing so, I get a "the hard drive is corrupted and must be restored" message. I press ok, it does it, I'm back on. Fine. But once, I had got really fed up of the browser freezing and said no to the message. Well I think that might have been the beginning of the end. After that, I kept getting sound errors on my games (although I didn't make the connection until today). Assassin's Creed Revelations was the first, and I assumed it to be a disc problem. Cleaned disk, didn't work and assumed it was the game's fault.

Played the ME3 trial and encountered freezing, bugs and some more lovely sound errors. Obviously not a disk or disk drive bug. Uncharted 3 had audio bugs, Far Cry 2 had audio bugs. It was definitely across the board. While the bugs were small, they were evident and annoying. I wanted them gone. I did some searching, didn't find much until I came across the safe mode options. Apparently, the hard drive becomes damaged when soft reseted, plug pulled etc. All I needed to do was go into safe mode and a.) rebuild the database and b.) restore file data (the same option that came up after resetting).

I first decided to do the restore file data. It got to about 48% and then stopped. I read the Fourth Labyrinth for a bit, but it was stll staying here. Now this might have also been what killed the console - I pulled the plug. I decided to go into soft mode and do the database rebuild first. But I think by then it was too late. That option tells me the hard drive cannot be accessed, and now I have been plunged into a recurring loop of restoring hell.

I turn on, it tells me to restore, it restores, it shuts down. I turn on, it tells me to restore, it restores, it shuts down. etc etc, again and again. I looked on the internet, load of reports of this. Basically, my hard drive is screwed and my ps3 along with it. I have to restore the ps3 to get back, and that will take all trophies, online levels and saved progress away.

Tomorrow I'll do the restore. Not looking forward to it at all, in fact I am mortified. 2 years of progress will be gone! I don't like to think what it will be like starting again. I'm getting the Mass Effect games soon, so at least I'll have something to play that won't make me start again.

This is a very bad day in my gaming years.

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